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How do I connect myEP Account with my Payroll Profile?

Prerequisites to connect your profile:

  • You must have been paid by EP at least once within the past 3 years.
  • You must have check information from one of your last 25 EP issued checks.

Note: If you do not have a physical check available, you can go to your bank website to find the Net Amount from one of your EP checks and can use the Net Amount from this check to connect your payroll profile. You can also wait for your next EP check and return to connect your profile once you have check information available.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to my.ep.com.
  2. After creating an account and selecting your role, on the "Enhance Your Profile" section, select "Connect Payroll Profile."
  3. When you select "Connect Payroll Profile", you will be prompted by a wizard. The first step will be to verify you Social Security Number.
  4. Once your Social Security Number has been verified, you will be asked to verify information from your most recent check. You may enter one of three pieces of information; Take Home Amount (Net Amount), Check Number or Gross Amount.
  5. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation that your profile has been connected.
  6. You are now able access all your pay data, and much more.

Already have an EP account from using EP products like SmartStart or SmartTime? Sign in to myEP using the same email and password that you use for your other EP products

Watch this video: MyEP - Connecting Your Payroll Profile.

How can I change the email address I used to register in MyEP?

If you want to change the email address you use to log into MyEP, you need to disconnect your Payroll Profile from your existing email account. Once you have disconnected your payroll profile, you will then create a new MyEP account by registering with your new email. Your payroll history is associated with your Social Security Number. All your information will display under your new myEP login once you connect your payroll profile once again.

Here are the steps:

  1. Log into MyEP with your current email/username. Go to the navigation bar and select “My Account”. Go to My Profile>Settings and select Pay Preferences. Note: Before you move to step 2. You’ll need check information (gross, net, or check number) to reconnect your profile after you disconnect, make sure to grab that information before you disconnect.
  2. Select “Disconnect your EP Payroll Profile.
  3. You may now register with your new email address on my.ep.com. Once you login with your new email address you will need to connect your payroll profile to be able to access your payroll information.


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United States
Payment Support

Changes to (Address, Name, SSN, W-4).

Earnings Requests (Reports/Check Stubs)

Tax Form Reprints (W-2/1099s/592b/G2FP)

Tax Form Explanation/Corrections & more.



Payment Support US
Employment Verification Inquiries

(e.g. General VOE, Unemployment, Disability)



Payment Support US
Direct Deposit

Including ACH bank deposit issues


Direct Deposit Support
Pensions, Health & Welfare Inquiries

(e.g. Missing Hours, Union Dues, Union 401k)


Payroll Garnishment and Deduction Inquiries

(e.g. Federal Tax Liens, State Tax Liens and Child/

Spousal Support)



Payment Support US
MyEP Portal Technical Support

(Assistance with login/registration, connecting payroll profile, tax statement and paystub downloads, viewing pay information, direct deposit setup.)


My EP Support
Unclaimed Property Inquiries

Uncashed payroll checks 300+ days old, EP Unclaimed Property Notices, CA State Controller's Letters


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Minors Trust Deductions and Inquiries

(e.g. Set-ups, Coogan Accounts Deposits)


Payment Support US
Benefit Solutions

Sick Leave, 1095-C Tax Forms, NY Paid Family Leave


Sick Leave: sickleave@ep.com

1095-C Tax Forms: 1095inquiry@ep.com

NY Paid Family Leave: NYPFL@ep.com

Benefit Solutions Support
EP Cares

EP Cares Health Insurance - Non-Union Employees


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Payment Support Canada
Canada – EP Residency and Technical Support

Business Hours
Mon-Fri 5:30am to 5:00pm PT
604.998.3208 (Vancouver)
416.927.2218 (Toronto)
866-330-0023 (Toll Free)

EP Residency Support

Payroll & Finances

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