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Online skill-building courses for professionals working in production.

EP’s Academy provides online and on-demand training course from basic and advanced production accounting to in-depth courses on the industry’s most-trusted production solutions. Courses are designed by industry experts to teach you the skills you need to excel in your field. Work and learn on your schedule and add certifications to your resume.


Movie Magic Budgeting

Get to know the updated version of Movie Magic Budgeting. Designed by industry veterans and product experts this course is for both users of past versions and people new to the industry.

Movie Magic Scheduling

Learn Movie Magic Scheduling from the beginning or get a refresher. Curated by industry veterans and product experts, topics covered include getting started in the system to reporting.

Production Accounting 101

Prepare for a career in production finance with this introductory class on production accounting. Expert instructors will share their hard-learned lessons, tips, and techniques.

Production Accounting 201

Get ahead in the production accounting office in this high-level class. Learn advanced film and television production accounting workflows and functions from top industry experts.

Scenechronize for Show Managers

Scenechronize for Show Managers was built by people like you: production coordinators, script coordinators, and executive, production, and writers’ assistants. What you get is what you need.

Scenechronize for Show Users

This course is designed by industry and product-use veterans for Scenechronize Show Users who are newcomers to the system who most typically use Scenechronize to access or receive production documents. FREE course.

SmartAccounting 101

This course is designed and delivered by industry veterans to certify production accountants for using SmartAccounting in the office, on set or on location.

SmartAccounting 201

This high-level class, taught by production accounting veterans, will certify you on advanced techniques, level-up your technical confidence, and help you apply the platform’s full capabilities.


Learn how to use SmartPO from working with POs to uploading POs into your production’s accounting software platform. Includes easy-to-follow downloadable reference materials.


Learn to use SmartStart’s tool’s comprehensive self-service onboarding functionalities to process your own start paperwork or onboard your crew of hundreds.

SmartStart for Crew

This introductory course is a quick start for production crew and staff using SmartStart for digital start paperwork. Downloadable reference materials for later use. FREE course.

SmartTime for Crew and Staff

This course is a quick start for production crew and staff completing digital timecards with SmartTime. Learn what you need to do to get paid correctly and on time. FREE course.

SmartTime for Department Heads

Take this course to nail down everything you need for using SmartTime. Keep focused on the work without worrying about the pay. FREE course.

SmartTime for Payroll Accountants

Decades of payroll accounting experience went into developing this course and SmartTime itself. Master what you need do to be successful from people who know what it takes.

SmartTime Mobile for Crew and Staff

This introductory course is a quick start guide for production crew and staff using SmartTime Mobile for contact free, digital time card completion and submission. FREE course.