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Your fully digital residency requirement solution.

Get everything you need to securely collect, verify, manage and store residency support documentation in real time.

Collect residency paperwork digitally. Ensure accuracy and completion. Substantiate tax credit claims. Securely store for future productions. And more.

EP Residency is a secure, online solution to collect and manage records of Canadian residency for employees, individuals, and corporate loan-out service providers in the entertainment industry. Save crews the time of providing physical copies for every production while offering studios and producers a real-time residency review process and greater visibility for estimates and tax credit claims.

Movie Production Tools, digital, paperless.

Go paperless. Collect all residency documents digitally.

  • Save production workers the hassle of providing physical copies of the same documentation for each production—each user sets up their own account to upload residency documents and share with productions in just a few clicks.
  • Eliminate privacy concerns associated with sensitive personal information being sent via email or stored as physical copies.
  • Support go-green initiatives and replace manual, paper-heavy processes with a fully digital, “touchless” solution.
Production workers collaborating in the studio office

Automatically verify residency qualifications and requirements.

  • Save time and replace the manual process of acquiring, tracking, and reviewing residency paperwork for accuracy and completeness.
  • Identify which workers have outstanding requirements and send automated email reminders to users who need to provide additional information.
  • Validate residency in real-time to conduct accurate estimates during production and help ensure tax credit claims are accurate and supported.
  • Create a continuous record of residency for easier workflows on future productions.
Three producers discussing film production tax incentives

Increase efficiency by integrating with EPOL and other EP products.

  • Integrate with EP On Location (EPOL) to pre-populate verified tax credit codes and eliminate the hassle of having to work in two separate systems.
  • EPOL will automatically retrieve the most current information in a production worker’s EP Residency account to ensure the highest level of accuracy.
  • Use EP Incentives to substantiate residency determinations and make accurate tax credit claims with full transparency.
  • Use EP Residency with other EP solutions, such as SmartStart, to create a robust, efficient, paperless hiring and onboarding process for your next production.

"Know what they're doing, not just payroll but residuals, stunt player insurance, guilds, and prices are competitive. Nice people too."

Graham J.
Production Executive

"Nothing has ever been wrong. Other payroll services are such a pain. I think the ONE time I needed to call EP, everything was taken care of immediately. Best in the biz right here!"

Brittney B.

EP Residency

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Work smarter and safer with EP Residency.

Discover the simple, safe, efficient way to collect and store residency documents.

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