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Make the smartest data-driven production decisions.

The entertainment industry’s premier insight solution providing studios and production companies data-driven insights about their productions so they can make the best decisions.

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Access insights and expert analysis derived from the entertainment industry’s most expansive enterprise data warehouse to make the most informed operational decisions.

Get the industry’s broadest and deepest industry insights so you can make the most intelligent operational decisions. Discover trends and benchmark against historical data from over 40 years in the entertainment industry. Benefit from sophisticated analyses and visualizations, delivered instantly and securely.

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The insights and expertise you need to make the best production decisions, delivered securely.

  • Entertainment Partners has architected an extensive proprietary data warehouse, structured specifically to deliver the insights studios and productions need to make faster and smarter business decisions.
  • Military grade security with end-to-end encryption ensures the supporting data used is secure and protected both in transit and at rest.
  • Cloud-based and updated every two hours, Insight Solutions ensures the expertise and insights provided are always driven by the most recent information you need to understand all aspects of your production.
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Dynamic, enriched, real-time data visualizations at your fingertips.

Unmatched depth and breadth of data, plus the experience of over 40 years in the entertainment industry.

  • See industry trends and benchmark against your own historical performance for the richest and most valuable intelligence and insights about the entertainment industry.
  • The insights and information you need for a range of guidelines and regulations including SB-973, California Pay Data Reporting.

Access the richest and most valuable intelligence and insights in the entertainment industry.

Learn how EP's Insight Solutions can help you make the smartest decisions for your production.

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