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Proven, integrated, entirely digital.

Everything you need to manage your production finances from start to wrap. Securely and seamlessly in one digital cloud-based solution.

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Industry's only fully digital solution. Real-time data across all tools. End-to-end view of finances. Military-grade data security. And more.

Whether you are onboarding crew and talent, processing timecards, approving POs or managing your payroll and accounting books, the Production Finance Studio is the ONLY completely digital, paperless production finance management solution in the industry. It provides real-time access to all your production finance data anytime, anywhere and from any device. Plus, with military-grade security and pressure tested technology, you can avoid duplicate data entry, inaccurate or incomplete data, fraud, and strain on resources when every second counts.

The Production Finance Studio

A completely digital, integrated, paperless experience across the entire arc of production.

Paymaster Guide

Indispensable Source for Union Rates, Studio Contracts, Fringes

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SmartStart & SmartTime

Digital, Paperless, Integrated Onboarding & Timecards

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SmartAccounting & SmartPO

Advanced, Integrated, Cost Management Tool with Digital POs

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EP Payroll & MyEP

Paperless, Fully Digital Pay Experience with Direct Deposit

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Movie Production Tools, digital, paperless.

Digital. Paperless. Safe.

  • The Production Finance Studio supports compliance with the COVID-19 guidelines creating a safer, contact-free, paperless production, including digital timecards and ACH direct deposit for an entirely paperless pay experience.
Production accountants discussing film production management and television payroll around a table

One centralized, real-time source of data for your production finances. Integrated for improved control and accuracy.

  • Cloud-based data is shared in real time ensuring a single source of truth about production finances. Data is entered once and linked across solutions for streamlined workflows, improved accuracy and immediate access to crucial information.
security padlock on a shield

Military-grade data security to keep your records safe.

  • Military-level security including a full cyber security team overseeing advanced product and internal protections ensures data is safe both in transit and at rest. And, with SmartID you get an additional level of security through a single, consistent and simple login experience across all EP tools.

Learn more about EP's industry leading security infrastructure.

Producers discussing a take and movie production budgeting in front of a monitor on set

On set. On location. Or even from home. Work from anywhere.

  • Enjoy 24/7 access to all your documents, workflows, and the most up-to-date information you need to ensure a smooth, fully compliant production — anytime, anywhere, on any device.
Production Finance Accounting

Plus, the industry expertise you need.

  • With over 40 years of expertise in the entertainment industry, our tools have revolutionized the management of production finances. The Production Finance Studio spans the entire arc of production with over 26M transactions processed in SmartAccounting, more than 92,000 SmartStart users onboarded and over 1M timecards managed in SmartTime. Our tools have been proven with pressure testing over years, giving the EP customer the best-in-class combination of expertise and product.

Get the tools you need to bring your vision to life.

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