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Streamline production purchasing with SmartPO - the new, digital PO solution from EP

Accurately and efficiently manage your POs, invoices, and supplier payments digitally.

Streamline approvals. Control permissions. Customize workflows. Maintain oversight. And much more.

With EP’s powerful new SmartPO solution, you can create, manage, track, and approve all production purchase orders in one cloud-based, integrated solution. Built to meet the needs of the entertainment industry, SmartPO works on any computer or mobile device and replaces inefficient, paper-intensive practices with safer, more efficient digital PO workflows. Plus, it easily integrates with EP’s Production Finance Studio—the leader in production finance management—creating an end-to-end, seamless digital experience.

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Eliminate errors with a fully digital, integrated solution. Manage everything in the cloud.

  • Accurately manage POs, invoices, and payments with class-leading flexibility. Configure your PO approval workflows based on PO category, amounts, and thresholds.
  • Help eliminate human error through integration with SmartAccounting, which allows for a seamless flow of data, eliminates the need for re-keying information, and ensures consistency throughout production.
  • View all your POs at-a-glance. Maintain oversight and monitor the status of all your POs in real time.
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Boost productivity with real-time data you can access from anywhere on any device.

  • Whether you’re on a computer, tablet, or mobile device, you can easily create, manage, and approve POs from anywhere. No app required.
  • As an integral component of EP’s Production Finance Studio, SmartPO provides a true digital PO experience from A to Z. Unlike competing products, which require you to rekey PO information into another platform, SmartPO provides the industry’s only turnkey digital PO creation, approval, and audit process.
  • With SmartPO and EP’s Production Finance Studio, all your financial data is securely stored in the cloud—and is always up-to-date and synced with your existing systems—providing a single source of truth for all your productions’ finances at your fingertips.
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Control user permissions. Stay safe with military-grade security.

  • EP leads all competitors with a military-level security program, including a full cybersecurity team overseeing advanced product and internal protections, to make sure data is secure and your products are always available.
  • Control user access, permissions, and minimize risks by ensuring users can access only the information you want them to.
  • Only EP’s Digital Production Studio encrypts your data in cloud-based storage, so your POs, which often contain confidential information such as tax IDs and social security numbers, are protected both in transit and at rest.

Learn more about EP's industry leading security infrastructure.


"Know what they're doing, not just payroll but residuals, stunt player insurance, guilds, and prices are competitive. Nice people too."

Graham J.
Production Executive
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"Nothing has ever been wrong. Other payroll services are such a pain. I think the ONE time I needed to call EP, everything was taken care of immediately. Best in the biz right here!"

Brittney B.
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Streamline purchase order and spend management in one powerful solution.

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