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Running payroll just got easier. Digital. Mobile. Fast.

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Learn about New SmartTime.

New SmartTime Transforms Time Capture, Calculation, and Insight

Timecard Setup
Time Capture
Timecard Approvals
Break & Submitting

All your start data, instantly available.

Employee information, union and rate details, allowances, account coding, and more are instantly imported into New SmartTime from SmartStart, ensuring timecard accuracy and expediting onboarding.

Submit timecards from anywhere, anytime.

Crew can enter, review and approve timecards using any mobile or web-enabled device, and an all-new interface with options for military time and weekly time entry makes the process fast and flexible.

Powerful, custom, multi-level approvals.

New SmartTime’s flexible routing rules get timecards to the right approvers, fast. Color coded icons help you understand approval status at-a-glance, and time discrepancies are automatically flagged for closer review.

Advanced hours-to-gross calculations, built in.

Quickly and accurately break timecards with a level of precision and flexibility unmatched in the industry. New SmartTime automatically calculates overtime, meal penalties, night premiums, and more, and splitting times between account codes is simple.

0 hours

avg reduction in timecard edits*


coverage of BTL union contracts


timecards processed to date

*Time savings based on 2021 data from productions submitting their timecard batches to EP using New SmartTime.

Crew can start entering time within minutes after onboarding.

Seamless integration means crew can start entering times within minutes of completing onboarding, and payroll accountants can submit finalized batches of timecards to EP at the touch of a button.

"Completely streamlined, world-class experience from start paperwork, to timesheet submission, to requesting contract service letters."

Sharon Wilson | Set Medic

"New SmartTime is easy, simple, and I love it!

Jeremy Caves | Payroll Accountant

Approval notifications
Easily rerate
Send to approvers in bulk
Return card to crew for edits

Turn around payroll faster than ever.

Now crew can enter, review and submit timecards using any mobile device anywhere, anytime. Plus, payroll accountants can quickly calculate pay based on the specific contracts in use for each production.

Production crew on film set

Protect sensitive data with military-grade security.

New SmartTime data is protected both in-transit and at rest by powerful encryption, which means sensitive PII no longer needs to be stored on local hard drives where it’s at risk of being lost or stolen.

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