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Mobile, paperless, timecards.

Track timecards digitally and easily calculate payments with the only timecard tool integrated with onboarding and accounting to eliminate the need for multiple data entries.

Completely digital timecards. Easy access from any mobile device. Industry's leading hours-to-gross calculator. Customizable, one-click reports. And more.

Now your crew and talent can enter, track and submit timecards directly into EP’s payroll system using their mobile device from anywhere, anytime. Department heads can easily approve them with a simple push of a button. And production accountants can accurately calculate payments based on union and non-union rules without manual computations, and create custom reports using the industry’s best hours-to-gross solution. Plus, SmartStart integration means start cards are automatically populated with rate information and more.

processing paperless time calculations for a film production on a laptop

Save hours with paperless timecard collection and one-click calculations. Plus, get instant, easily-shared, customizable reports.

  • Streamline manual timecard processes and labor-intensive timekeeping with 100% paperless timecard collection and approvals, saving hours each week on data entry.
  • Eliminate face-to-face meetings about timecard discrepancies by notifying crew and supervisors of issues directly through the tool. You can stop relying on post-its with handwritten questions.
  • No more missed calculations or overpayments and no need to rekey any information as all proper pay factors are automatically incorporated for you – straight time, over time, meal penalties, and more.
  • Instantly create custom reports—including payroll bible, labor reports, crew lists, and more—without keying in a single piece of new information.
  • Access the industry's best hours-to-gross engine, used for years on high-profile productions around the world, to ensure all your calculations are accurate, view your hot costs any time with the click of a button, and share directly with your UPM and studio.
Two production workers setting the pre lighting on set

Enjoy seamless data integration for accurate, faster timecard management. Work from anywhere, anytime.

  • SmartTime is fully integrated with EP’s Production Finance Studio—the only solution that securely stores all your production data in the cloud, is always on, and easily shares across your production tools.
  • Employee information and rate details are automatically entered from SmartStart ensuring timecard accuracy, and you can submit finalized batches of timecards to EP's payroll system with the touch of a button.
  • Designed to work equally well on computers and mobile devices, users can easily manage and approve timecards no matter where they are.
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Protect your data with military-grade security. Ensure compliance.

  • Control user access, permissions, and minimize risks with multi-factor authentication.
  • EP's processes are ISO-certified, which is the top benchmark for security program validation and meets industry-standard requirements for controllers and auditors.
  • SmartTime supports compliance with the COVID-19 guidelines by creating a safer, contact-free, paperless production.
  • Eliminate the need for sensitive personally identifiable information to be stored on accountants' hard drives; because SmartTime is web based, no information is stored locally to be leaked or lost.

Learn more about EP's industry leading security infrastructure.



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