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I forgot my SmartTime password. How do I reset?

  1. Navigate to SmartTime.ep.com, input your email, and select Continue.
    Login Screen.png
  2. Click Forgot Password? on the following screen below the Sign In button.
    Login Screen Forgot Password Link.png
  3. Click Send Request. A password reset link will be sent to the email associated with your EP Account.
  4. Click on the link sent to your email and follow the prompts to create a new password.

Note: This link expires after one hour. Repeat the above steps if you cannot reset your password within this time limit.

How do I invite a crew member to New SmartTime?

To invite crew member(s) to New SmartTime:

  1. From the Startcards tab, locate a crew member’s Startcard. Scroll, use the Search field or apply filters. Check the box to the left of the crew member’s name. Select the list with the Crew Name checkbox in the column header.
  2. From the Actions dropdown in the upper right corner, select Invite to Mobile. (Make sure the names and email addresses are correct.)
  3. Click Send. A confirmation message is displayed. An email invite with the link to New SmartTime is sent to the crew member.

How do I set up my department admins?

Go to Settings, select User Management. Located towards the top left, select “Mobile Users” and search for the user, then modify from Crew to Dept Admin role, or add a new user.

I'm working on a timecard, and I can't see the notes. Where can I find them?

Applied notes are available from the bottom of each timecard in the gray, shaded bar. A notes counter displays on the far left in blue. Select the blue, View Notes link to view applied notes in a pop-out.

There's something wrong with the breakage on a timecard. Who can help?

Timecard calculations pull from EP’s hours-to-gross system. For questions, contact your assigned EP Paymaster. Not sure who your EP Paymaster is? Check with your Key Accountant or EP Account Manager.

There's a mistake on a timecard and it doesn't line up with the Production Report. As the Payroll Accountant, can I change it in the system? Also, will the crew member be notified?

As the payroll accountant, you can change the times entered from the Production Report and pay what the crew member entered or vice versa. Be aware that this creates a discrepancy. You’ll need to notify the crew member by email or text to explain the timecard discrepancy (they won’t be automatically notified).


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