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A team of experts. A powerful dashboard. A smarter way to handle residuals.

Put the largest residuals processor in the entertainment industry to work for you.

Interpret agreements. Process payments digitally. Automate reporting. And more.

With more than 30 years’ experience processing residuals for the biggest names in the industry, EP Residuals alleviates the stress and burden of handling residuals payments on your own. From television and film to new media, our experts will work with you to understand agreements, minimize risks, optimize margins, and efficiently process all residual payments. Plus, you can track all payments and simplify reporting and remittance with electronic guild reporting through your SmartResiduals dashboard.

woman works on film production residuals in a studio office

Track residuals through a single, secure dashboard.

  • Get visibility into your entire residual setup, payment, and reporting process using a single, intuitive online dashboard.
  • Use SmartResiduals to convert revenue and airdate information into eligible payment triggers, so you can easily review, edit, and approve residuals payments.
  • View reports showing a detailed breakdown of the residuals being paid, and guild reports that accompany the checks sent to them for verification and remittance.
Production workers collaborating in the studio office

Interpret agreements. Approve and process payments digitally.

  • Get expert assistance interpreting agreements and applying guild contract provisions.
  • All payments are initiated at your request and are guaranteed to meet union timelines and any time constraints you set upfront.
  • Residuals are paid through the EP Payroll System, so all withholding taxes, deductions, employer taxes, and contributions, liens, and garnishments are automatically processed.
security padlock on a shield

Enjoy peace of mind with military-grade security and audit protection.

  • All communications and documents are securely stored inside your SmartResiduals portal, and protected by military-grade security.
  • Enable 2-factor authentication for added protection and manage user permissions to control who gets access.
  • EP Residuals handles the scheduling, management, and preparation of all guild audit responses—from audit scoping, reviewing contracts, correspondence, statements, accounting records, and more.

Learn more about EP's industry leading security infrastructure.

studio executive discusses film production residuals at a table in an office

Our residuals team is your residuals team.

  • Our in-house team of experts is available and ready to assist you with any residual related matter, including forecasting obligations, interpretation of guild rules, talent contracts, offsetting of overscale compensation, and application of advances.
  • EP works with you directly to understand any side letters, independently negotiated agreements, waivers, or special provisions to ensure all residual obligations are met.
  • EP Residuals constantly interacts with all guilds and AMPTP, so our team is always up-to-date with the current rules, trends, and negotiations in the industry.

"Know what they're doing, not just payroll but residuals, stunt player insurance, guilds, and prices are competitive. Nice people too."

Graham J.
Production Executive

"Nothing has ever been wrong. Other payroll services are such a pain. I think the ONE time I needed to call EP, everything was taken care of immediately. Best in the biz right here!"

Brittney B.


Put the industry leader in residuals payments to work for you.

See for yourself why EP is the largest processor of residuals payments. Discover how easy setting up, approving, and processing residuals can be.

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