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The only Emmy Award-winning digital continuity and money tracking solution.

Discover why productions around the world use Crew Tools for seamless continuity and collaboration, on and off set.

Get the industry's most advanced digital continuity and money tracking tool.

Break down scripts automatically and add revisions in real-time. Digitally manage costumes, hair and makeup looks, props and set pieces. Work on or offline from any location with the mobile app. Crew Tools is the first and ONLY digital solution for efficiently managing continuity, inventory, and budgets from prep through wrap, saving valuable time when every second counts.

Two crew members on set having a discussion

Maximize efficiency. Save time and money.

  • Save your crew hours of manual work with automatic script breakdowns and revisions.
  • Access a wide range of standardized reporting in just a few clicks.
  • Manage and track your production assets and inventory and keep your entire crew on the same page during every stage of production.
synconset crew tools software showing a digital continuity book for film production across mobile and desktop devices

Improve communication. Ensure continuity. Master expenses.

  • Replace the three-ring binder with contact-free digital collaboration, whether your crew is on set or at remote locations.
  • Share continuity photos and notes in the cloud for seamless communication, ensuring accurate continuity across every team.
  • Create budgets and track expenses with a tool built around your script breakdown.
security padlock on a shield

Prevent leaks with military-grade, closed-loop security.

  • Prevent photos and sensitive production information from leaking with custom PDF watermarking and state-of-the-art encryption.
  • Control who can access and make changes to data with advanced user permissions.
  • With Crew Tools' military-grade security, your valuable assets and data are 100% secure and protected from malicious outside sources—both in transit and at rest.

“[Crew Tools] is the best program, super intuitive and easy to use and I love how the departments can share information. The continuity pictures fitting reports and budgeting features are brilliant. It has made the job so much easier and no more carrying heavy binders! I would highly recommend SyncOnSet to anyone working in the industry.”

Astrid B.
Costume Designer
empty desk in studio film production office

“SyncOnSet makes my work in Costume so much easier, avoiding mistakes and keeping the whole department informed. On wrap all the work is already done. All info needed is logged. 5 stars.”

Karyna B.
Costume Designer
film production management tools on a large soundstage

“I remember when l had to take photos, put them in books, then go back to the books for reference. With SyncOnSet, one set of photos, and l can share with the entire team. What a time saver & blessing.”

Toy V.
Makeup HOD
film crew on set on a large soundstage

Run smoother productions with Crew Tools.

Smarter collaboration. Better continuity and expense tracking.

Make it happen with Crew Tools.