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Move your career to the next level with in-depth, expert-led courses.

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Prepare for a career in production finance with this introductory class on production accounting. Expert instructors will share their hard-learned lessons, tips and techniques.

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Get ahead in the production accounting office in this high-level class. Learn advanced film and television production accounting workflows and functions from top industry experts.

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How to Break a Time Card Non Union

The blueprint of any payroll position: breaking a timecard.  A crucial skill to ensure
your payroll is calculating correctly.

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Academy Course Becoming a Payroll Clerk

A look at the job specifications of what is required to be a payroll clerk.

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"If you want to break into [the] industry, you should take EP Production Accounting 101. I was placed with an HBO show two weeks after I finished the class and I have been working in the industry since then. Currently I’m working as a 2nd Assistant on my third show."

Helian V. | Class of 2019

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