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Academy Course: Becoming a Payroll Clerk

This course gives a walkthrough and prepares you for a day in the life of the payroll clerk, which is the key assistant of a payroll accountant. Payroll is the key to a production. This role offers vaulable exposure to the production world though the day-to-day of a clerk.

The course is designed with the guidance of payroll accountants and key accountants who are currently in the field. They offer an insider's look at what it takes for a potential career in payroll.

Covered topics include: 

  • What is a payroll clerk?
  • What are some typical responsibilities?
  • How to break time cards
  • Verifying vouchers against production reports

Free for a limited time

Course Duration: 3 Hours 48 Minutes 

Work at your own pace. Reference materials available for download.  

Note: This course is written for U.S. audiences. 

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