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Designed by industry and product-use veterans for new Scenechronize Show Users who most typically use Scenechronize to access or receive production documents.

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This introductory course is a quick start for production crew and staff using SmartStart for digital start paperwork. Downloadable reference materials for later use.

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A quick start guide for production crew and staff on how to approve or enter and submit your digital timecard in New SmartTime so you get paid correctly and on time.

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Take this course to nail down everything you need for using Legacy SmartTime. Keep focused on the work without worrying about the pay.

FREE course - no coupon needed.

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Production crew and staff new to using Legacy SmartTime Mobile for digital timecard completion and submission should take this introductory course for a quick start.

FREE course - no coupon needed.

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"If you want to break into [the] industry, you should take EP Production Accounting 101. I was placed with an HBO show two weeks after I finished the class and I have been working in the industry since then. Currently I’m working as a 2nd Assistant on my third show."

Helian V. | Class of 2019

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