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Get to know the updated version of Movie Magic Budgeting. Designed by industry veterans and product experts this course is for both users of past versions and people new to the industry.

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Learn Movie Magic Scheduling from the beginning or get a refresher. Curated by industry veterans and product experts, topics range from getting started in the system to reporting.

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Scenechronize for Show Managers was built by people like you; production coordinators, script coordinators, and executive, production, and writers' assistants. What you get is what you need.

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Designed by industry and product-use veterans for Scenechronize Show Admins who are newcomers to the system, looking for a refresher, or leveling up skills from working with Scenechronize in the past.

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Designed by industry and product-use veterans for new Scenechronize Show Users who most typically use Scenechronize to access or receive production documents.

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The course is designed for users filling any production role that is concerned with script breakdowns, digital continuity, reporting, or inventory tracking and management.

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"If you want to break into [the] industry, you should take EP Production Accounting 101. I was placed with an HBO show two weeks after I finished the class and I have been working in the industry since then. Currently I’m working as a 2nd Assistant on my third show."

Helian V. | Class of 2019

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