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General PurchasingPurchasing Movie MagicPurchasing The Paymaster Rate Guide

General Purchasing

I forgot my password for myEP. How do I reset?

  1. Input your email, and select Continue.
    Login Screen.png
  2. Click Forgot Password? on the following screen below the Sign In button.
    Login Screen Forgot Password Link.png
  3. Click Send Request. A password reset link will be sent to the email associated with your EP Account.
  4. Click on the link sent to your email and follow the prompts to create a new password.

Note: This link expires after one hour. Repeat the above steps if you cannot reset your password within this time limit.

The store is not accepting my credit card. Can someone help?

Please make sure your credit card information matches your credit card and your billing address.

Purchasing Movie Magic

Where can I find the download link for my Movie Magic purchase?
  1. Log in to my.ep.com using your username and password.
  2. Once logged in, click on Store>Purchases at the top.
    1. This page will list all your purchases for Movie Magic.
    2. For MMS, you will find your license number and the link to the program installer.
    3. There will be a download link for both Windows and Mac. Choose the download according to your operating system.

If I cancel my Movie Magic Budgeting subscription and then reactivate it later, will my data still be there from the first time I subscribed?

Yes, your data will be available anytime on the application once you resubscribe to the product, as defined in the Terms and Conditions.

Can I change my plan from yearly to monthly or monthly to yearly?

You must cancel your subscription and purchase a new subscription with the desired plan.

To cancel a subscription:

  1. Log into MyEP.
  2. Navigate to 'Purchases' under 'Store.' You will see a list of products you have purchased.
  3. Find the product you wish to cancel and select 'Cancel'. When you cancel a subscription, the system will let you know how many days are left in your current billing cycle.
  4. Once your plan expires, you may purchase the product again at the desired billing cycle.

How do I cancel a product subscription?
  1. Log into MyEP.
  2. Navigate to 'Purchases' under 'Store'. You will see a list of products you have purchased.
  3. Find the product you wish to cancel and select 'Cancel'. The system will let you know how many days are left in your current billing cycle.
  4. Confirm that you wish to cancel.

Note: The subscription will end once the current billing cycle ends. You will not be billed for the next billing cycle

How do I get a refund for a subscription product?

Entertainment Partners does not offer refunds for subscription products.

Why won't it accept my student verification information?

Entertainment Partners works with a third party service to validate student IDs. Please make sure you have entered the correct information. If the issue persists, contact our SheerID partners here.

What are the minimum system requirements for Movie Magic?

Movie Magic is built to work on macOS High Sierra and higher and Windows
8.1 and higher.

Purchasing The Paymaster Rate Guide

How can I get the printed version of the Paymaster?

EP no longer offers a printed version of the Paymaster Rate Guide. It is now available as a digital PDF only as we move towards contact-free and paperless solutions.

How do I make a bulk purchase of the EP Paymaster Rate Guide?

You may make bulk purchases of gift coupon codes for the EP Paymaster Rate Guide which can be distributed and redeemed. A person who receives one of the purchased gift codes can redeem the code for their edition of the guide from our store. Each code may be applied a single time for a single edition of the guide.

To purchase EP Paymaster Bulk Gift coupons:

  1. Log into myEP.
  2. Go to Store > Products.
  3. Enter the quantity you would like to purchase, your billing information, and complete the purchase.
  4. Once purchased, your coupons are available for download from the 'Purchases' section of myEP Store.

To redeem a bulk purchase coupon code:

  1. Log into myEP.
  2. Go to Store > Products.
  3. Click on 'Redeem gift coupon' under The Paymaster product listing.
  4. Enter the coupon code and click Redeem.

Note, the person making the bulk purchase will also need to redeem a coupon code in order to receive a copy of the guide.

I’m having trouble purchasing The Paymaster. Who can help?

Please contact us for assistance. salesoperations@ep.com

How do I purchase a Canadian Ratebook?

If you are an EP Canadian payroll client and would like an EP provincial Ratebook, otherwise known as The Paymaster Rate Guide in the US, you can email our Canadian team at epcmarketing@ep.com to request a copy. Please provide the name of your project to help expedite your request.

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