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Unclaimed Property

What is Entertainment Partners (EP) and why did I receive an Unclaimed Property notice?

Entertainment Partners (EP) is an entertainment payroll company that pays wages, residuals, among other types of checks, to production workers, musicians, background actors, and others.

If a check remains uncashed beyond 300 days, the check is moved to become Unclaimed Property and a notice is sent to the recipient of the check. State law requires that EP contact property owners to allow them to claim their funds before they are reported to the state.

All unclaimed property callers must validate their identity by answering a series of questions. This is part of efforts to protect property owners and fraudulent claims against their property. EP is required to successfully validate this information before check information is provided.

What is GEP Administrative Services, LLC?

GEP Administrative Services, LLC does business as Entertainment Partners (EP). GEP Administrative Services, LLC may be referenced on Unclaimed Property notices.

What is the notice that I received from Entertainment Partners Unclaimed Property?

This notice was sent to you by EP’s Unclaimed Property team. An Unclaimed Property Notice is sent when one or more production payroll or residuals checks issued to you has not been cashed or deposited for 300 or more days since being issued. The checks are reclassified as “unclaimed property”. EP must provide property owners with the opportunity to claim a replacement check before the property must be reported to the state.

How do I respond to this notice?

There are three different ways to respond to the notice to claim your reissue check for uncashed checks over 300 days old, which are considered unclaimed property. All the detail instructions are on the front and back of the letter/notice.

Option 1: Owner Redemption Portal
EP has partnered with DMA-AUPTC to allow people to claim thru a secured portal for faster processing. Detailed instructions are included in your notice.

Option 2: Email
Complete the back of the unclaimed property notice, sign, and email both sides to EPUnclaimedProperty@ep.com.

Option 3: Mail
Complete the back of the unclaimed property notice, sign, and mail to address on the notice.

I received a letter from the CA State Controller’s office informing me of Unclaimed Property that Entertainment Partners is holding. What do I need to do next for a reissue?

If you have not already claimed a reissue for the uncashed checks referenced in your CA State Controller’s notice and you are responding prior to the deadline included on your letter, you may complete and submit an Unclaimed Property claim form (including your physical signature) and email it to EPUnclaimedProperty@ep.com to request a reissue.

If the deadline on your letter has passed, the property has been reported or “escheated” to the state, and you will need to make a claim directly with the state. It can take several months for the property to be uploaded and available to claim. We recommend checking with the state monthly until the property is available. Visit the National Unclaimed Property site at www.unclaimed.org and click on the state in the US map to take you to CA’s site to make a claim.

I found an old uncashed check from Entertainment Partners that is over 300 days old. How may I get it reissued to me?

If your uncashed check is 300 days or older, please do not try to cash it. It may be rejected by your bank or financial institution which may incur a fee which will not be covered by Entertainment Partners. To request a reissue of the check to you:

  1. Complete an Unclaimed Property Request Form. Your physical signature on the form must be included.
  2. Scan the stale uncashed check.
  3. Email the completed form and scan to EPUnclaimedProperty@ep.com.

How long will it take for me to get my replacement check?

Unclaimed Property processes a reissue batch every few weeks due to the volume of claims being submitted. The estimated turnaround time to print and mail a replacement check is 2-3 weeks, after a claim has been submitted.

The address on the notice is not my current address. How do I update my address for all future checks?

To make an address change for future checks, please register for a FREE account at my.ep.com.

The portal allows you to update your own address, view wage history, and track and manage EP pay and tax information. Updating your own address via the my.ep.com portal is the only way to update your address for future payments.

For portal support, please call 800.417.0037 option 1, or email myepsupport@ep.com.

Is the replacement check considered current year income?

No, the replacement check is not considered current year income. A check net of taxes will be reissued since all taxes were reported in the year when the original check was processed (previous year’s W-2).

I received a notice for someone who is deceased. What do I do?

Ways to claim:

  • You may start the claim process via the Owner Redemption Portal by entering one of the properties listed on the notice. You will be asked to affirm your legal rights to the property. Enter and submit your email and phone number and update the address information with your name and current address. You will receive an automatic e-mail requesting additional documents that EP requires to validate you are the beneficiary, Power of Attorney (POA), Trustee, etc.
  • You may complete the back of the notice with your information and email the form to us along and any additional documentation which shows you have the legal rights to that property.
  • You may complete the back of the notice and send it to us via postal service.

I received a notice for my dissolved corporation. How do I get the checks reissued to me as an individual?

Unfortunately, we cannot process unclaimed property replacement checks (checks 300+ days old) from a corporation to an individual. Since the original check was made out to the corporation, which was active, the tax withholding was calculated and reported on a MISC-1099 tax form and the tax year has been closed. Also, the tax withholding is different between a corporation and an individual.

How do I cash my replacement check if made to my dissolved corporation which I no longer have a bank account for?

Contact your business attorney, accountant, or financial institution that held the banking relationship with the loan-out corporation(s). Some banks may have processes in place to allow it to be signed over to a third party.

How do I find out if I have any property with the state?
  1. Visit the national website for Unclaimed Property, www.unclaimed.org.
  2. Locate the map on the homepage and click on any state in which you have resided in the past.
  3. You will be redirected that state's unclaimed property website.
  4. Follow the instructions to search for property and how to claim.

How do I make a claim on behalf of someone I represent as a business manager, agent, parent of minor, or power of attorney?

There are two methods:

Claim made by phone call
Representatives who call our Unclaimed Property team to make a claim on behalf of a property owner for an uncashed check(s) in Unclaimed Property, will be asked a series of questions to validate information about the property owner. EP is required to successfully validate this information before check information is provided.

Claim made by email
Representatives who send an email claim to Unclaimed Property will be required to provide a completed claim form with the property owner’s information and must include the physical signature of the property owner. If a physical signature cannot be provided, an authorization or legal document showing that a representative is authorized to make a claim on behalf of the property owner will be required. Parents of minors may sign on their behalf and will identify themselves as the parent on the claim form.

Can you issue my replacement check as a direct deposit?

EP’s Unclaimed Property department is only able to issue physical paper checks for reissues.

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