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Direct Deposit Support Canada

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myEP direct deposit setup

How to Set Up Direct Deposit

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Two ways to find out if your production offers direct deposit.

  1. Contact your production office to confirm.
  2. Log in to myEP and go to My Pay > Direct Deposit Management.


Direct Deposit Canada

Do I get cheques if my production doesn’t offer Direct Deposit?

Expect a mailed, paper cheque.

I have an Active Direct Deposit enrollment on myEP. Why am I still getting paper cheques?

Your project may not offer Direct Deposit. Refer to the Project Direct Deposit status in myEP to check if your production is offering Direct Deposit. If your project is not listed, contact the production office.

How do I know if my production offers Direct Deposit?

1. If you haven’t received your first payment yet, contact your production office to confirm if they offer Direct Deposit.

2. If you have received at least one payment from your current production, go to My Pay, then Direct Deposit Management. Under My Projects, you can refer to a list of projects that paid you in the last three months and if they’re offering Direct Deposit.

How do I enroll in Direct Deposit with EP?

Video: MyEP Direct Deposit Set Up

1. Go to my.ep.com. Then, select My Pay and click Direct Deposit Management.

2. Below your project’s status, you’ll can review your name or the name of any loan-outs. Click Add Account(s) to start your enrollment.

Below your projects status.jpg

below your project status 2.png

3. Your enrollment continues with Plaid, a secure platform for connecting your bank account. Click Connect Instantly (recommended) and then Okay.

4. The Select Your Institution screen displays. Scroll or search to find your bank.

5. Enter your online banking credentials, which are your usual username and password that you use to access your bank account online. Not sure what your password for your bank is? Click Reset password. Otherwise, enter and click Submit.

6. Next, select the account to connect with on the Select Account screen. Then, click Continue.

7. Success messaging displays. Your account is now linked to myEP. Click Continue to return to myEP and finish your enrollment.

8. On the Select your account screen, select the account you are enrolling. Then, click Next.

on the select your account 3.png

9. Lastly, verify the information on the Direct Deposit Authorization screen and review the terms and conditions. Once you're ready, check I Agree and then click Finish.

lastyly verify the signature 4.png

10. Success messaging displays. Click Continue to go back to Direct Deposit Management.

11. On the Direct Deposit Management screen, your new enrollment will show an Active status, and you will get an email notification. Confirm your account status anytime in Direct Deposit Management or on your Settings screen.

on the direct deposite management 5.png

Can I pause my Direct Deposit?

Remove the account from your profile to stop an Active Direct Deposit enrollment.

Can I do a partial Direct Deposit or a partial physical cheque?

No, Direct Deposit needs to apply 100% of a payment.

How can I confirm if my Direct Deposit enrollment is Active?

You receive an email confirmation when your enrollment is Active. Check for the Active status on your account any time on your Settings or Direct Deposit Management screen.

What do the statuses mean?

Active – Active means EP verified your account(s) and you’re ready to receive Direct Deposit payments.


Rejected – Rejected means EP couldn’t approve your Direct Deposit enrollment.


Suspended – Suspended means a Direct Deposit transmission returned to EP after other deposits went through.


Why was my Direct Deposit enrollment rejected?

If your Direct Deposit enrollment is rejected, expect an email alert that includes the reason. Or check anytime by signing in and navigating to the Settings or the Direct Deposit Management screen. From there, view the status and the reason. Common reasons enrollments are rejected include:

1. Backup documentation didn’t include your name or account number.

2. The name on the document didn’t match the name of the person being paid.

3. The account number entered didn’t match the account number on the document.

Why was my Direct Deposit suspended?

A Direct Deposit enrollment is suspended when a Direct Deposit transmission is returned to EP when EP previously made deposits to that account. Contact your bank to resolve. Or remove the account from myEP and submit a new enrollment for a different, valid account.

Why is myEP not accepting my institution and transit number?

MyEP uses a routing number validation system to ensure the correct institution and transit number are received. If the system does not accept your routing number, confirm with your bank that you have the right number. Or try a different account. Once you enter a valid number, your bank’s name displays.

Do you accept foreign bank accounts?

Only Canadian domestic bank accounts are accepted for Canadian myEP users.

Can I set up different Direct Deposit enrollments for my individual record and my corporation records?

Yes, this is an available option.

What if I am paid in USD?

To be paid in USD, you must have a USD bank account set up with your Canadian bank.

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