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On-Location in Western Canada: Protocols, COVID-19 Testing, Incentives...PRODUCTION!

Producers from across Western Canada come together to discuss the exciting work coming out of the provinces and the realities of production during COVID-19
October 22, 2020
Canada Panel

Who’s Going to Canada? Everyone! Why? With prairies, mountains, big cities, the Pacific Ocean, world-class crews, stages, incentives, COVID-19 protocols and protections, Canada has PRESSED PLAY and production is returning all over Canada. This is the first in a series on production in the Canadian Provinces, highlighted by the producers on the ground in each province.

Co-Presented by Entertainment Partners and the Association of Film Commissions International, in association with Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles, please join Entertainment Partners' Joe Chianese and Jennifer Liscio, with special guest Zaib Shaikh, Consul General of Canada in Los Angeles, as they speak with producers in British Columbia, Calgary, Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon, and discuss PRODUCTION IN CANADA BEFORE & DURING COVID-19. (Runtime: 1 hr, 19 min)

Our panel includes:

Zaib Shaikh, Consul General of Canada in Los Angeles

Justis Greene ('The Order', 'Another Life', 'A History of Violence', 'Tron: Legacy')

Grace Gilroy ('The Twilight Zone', 'Nancy Drew', 'The X-Files', 'Alien VS. Predator', 'The Fog')

Tom Cox ('Family Law', 'Fortunate Son', 'Wynona Earp', 'Brokeback Mountain', 'Heartland')

Ian Dimerman ('Cinema of Sleep', 'The Secret Ingredient', 'Christmas at the Plaza', 'The Christmas Club')

Kelly Milner ('Shift', 'Camera Trap', 'Not About Me')

Caroline Cox ('Wild Kitchen', 'Ice Lake Rebels').

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