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Conquering Compliance: Setting Up and Operating a Loan-Out in Canada

Discover the essential steps for production workers navigating loan-out corporations in Canada, from setting up an incorporation to necessary documents, tax filing timelines, and corporate requirements for tax credits.
January 4, 2024
Two female speakers, Master Series logo

In this Master Series special event, Entertainment Partners' compliance experts Jennifer Liscio, VP, Tax Incentives and Business Affairs, and Sarah Westman-Liu, Director, Tax Incentives and Products, address the many complexities of operating a Canadian loan-out corporation in the entertainment industry.

Learn about setting up an incorporation, necessary documents, fiscal yearend, tax filing timelines, and corporate requirements for tax credits, and how Entertainment Partners can help clients manage these regulations and stay in compliance with ease. 

Get started with EP Residency, the secure, online solution to collect and manage records of Canadian residency for employees, individuals, and corporate loan-out service providers in Canada. 

Runtime: 25 min

Topic: Canada

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