EP is reinventing how the industry works and interacts to make production simple. We’ve put our technology front and center.

To better align with our vision to deliver an end-to-end user experience, we’ve renamed our suite of products EP SmartStudio.

Introducing SmartStudio


Modern timesaving technology with enhanced flexibility and functionality, including detailed cost reporting, and line item views of over and/or under budget with a single click. Generate reports and cash flow projections with a touch of a button. Drill down functionality allows instant visibility to underlying transactions in each cost account to gain insight and investigate discrepancies.

Time card capture and calculations accurately and efficiently with no more manual computations. Submit electronic time cards to EP’s payroll system at the touch of a button.

Distribute production documents digitally with closed-loop security. Break down a script instantly and create sides with the push of a button. Expiring links and watermark documents unique to each sender and recipient. Customized file permissions for enhanced content control.

SmartResiduals: Triggers is a powerful tool that replaces manual collection and processing of residual triggers, improves efficiency and accuracy, and simplifies the residual process. SmartResiduals: Triggers converts revenue and airdate information into eligible payment triggers, thus providing clients with the ability to easily review, edit, and approve residual payments.

A comprehensive time card processing solution for multi-project management. Specifically designed for a wide variety of content creation formats including commercials and independent productions. Manage projects with a single dashboard that provides full access to Payroll Edit Reports for easy budget verification and integration into EP’s payroll system.

Process crew hires faster with fewer errors at the highest levels of security. Allowing production to maintain audit compliance throughout the duration of the project, preventing the discovery of missing documentation long after project completion. All start paperwork is sent and completed online, eliminating illegible handwriting and delivering quicker approvals.

Employees enter work times on their mobile devices. Allows for automatic timecard delivery to SmartTime anytime, anywhere without the need to manually submit paperwork.

Visibility. Access. Security. All the tools of Scenechronize, but now find all your production documents in an easily searchable platform. A communication catalog that supports corporate compliance across your organization. Real-time production updates via your own personal dashboard with email and mobile options.

SmartResiduals: Portal is the online document gateway for residual clients to access and share all show folders, payment requests and communications. Additionally, SmartResiduals Portal provides clients with a dashboard of residuals show setup status.


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