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I just downloaded Movie Magic Scheduling (MMS 6) and I am not able to open a template

When you first install Movie Magic Scheduling (MMS 6) on a new machine, the program does not automatically open to the templates folder when selecting New from template. Please follow the file path below to locate the templates folder. Once you navigate to the location once, it will automatically open to that location the next time you open a template.

  1. For Windows: C:/>Users> [Username] Folder> MMData>MM Scheduling>Templates>Default Template.mst
  2. For Mac: Users> Home Folder>MM Data>MM Scheduling>Templates>Default Template.mst

Where can I download Movie Magic Scheduling (MMS 6)?

Select the installer for your Movie Magic Scheduling (MMS 6) license.

I am on a Mac and my Movie Magic Scheduling (MMS 6) will not open.

Please follow these instructions to update your Movie Magic.

  1. Open the Finder window and select Applications.
  2. Go to the Movie Magic Folder and send the folder to the trash.
  3. Remove the icon from the dock or desktop.
  4. To reinstall the software, click on the link below:
  5. Once it is downloaded, you will double click to start the installation, please follow the seven-step process required to install the software. Once installed it will ask for your Mac Admin password or to activate the license.

What is the latest version of Movie Magic Scheduling (MMS 6)?

The latest version of Movie Magic Scheduling is Ver 6.02.413

How do I fix a lock file in Movie Magic Scheduling (MMS 6)?

Lock files occur when the software application either does not close properly or it remains running and the device (laptop) lid is shut closed. Another cause of lock files could be double-clicking on the file and not going through the software to open the file.

Please follow the steps below to fix this issue:

  1. Navigate to Users folder and open the folder with your computer name.
  2. You should find the file with ".lock".
  3. Delete the ".lock" file.
  4. You should be able to open the Movie Magic Program afterwards and work successfully.


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