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Movie Magic Budgeting (MMB 10)Purchasing Movie Magic BudgetingLegacy Movie Magic Budgeting (MMB 7)

Movie Magic Budgeting (MMB 10)

I forgot my Movie Magic Budgeting (MMB 10) password. How do I reset?

  1. If you already have a login for other Entertainment Partners products, such as SmartAccounting, SmartStart, SmartTime, SmartHub/Scenechronize, please enter the same email address used to log into those products.
  2. Click Continue.
    Login Screen.png
  3. Click Forgot Password? on the following screen below the Sign In button.

    Login Screen Forgot Password Link.png
  4. ⁠Click Send Request. A password reset link will be sent to the email associated with your EP Account.
  5. Click on the link sent to your email and follow the prompts to create a new password.

    Note: User Account passwords must be at least 9 characters long and include a minimum of 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 number, and 1 special character.

How do I enable fringes on Movie Magic Budgeting (MMB 10)?

1. In your budget select the Detail line (or lines) you want to apply Fringes to

2. Open the Apply Tools Pane (if it's not already open)

3. Click to select the Fr tab

4. You can also press CMD + 1 on a Mac or CTRL + 1 on a PC to jump to the Fringe Apply pane

5. Click the checkbox next to the Fringes you want applied to your selected Detail lines

6. You can also use the UP ARROW, DOWN ARROW and SPACEBAR keys to select and apply Fringes when this pane has focus

7. Click to close the Apply Tools Pane

8. You can also press CMD + 1 on a Mac or CTRL + 1 on a PC to return to your budget from the Fringe Apply pane

How do I export from Movie Magic Budgeting (MMB 10)?

1. Open a budget.

2. Click the File > Export > ... option for the file type you want to export. For example, select Export > Tab Delimited... for a tab-separated text file.

3. Select where to save the file using your Operating System's file selection tool.

4. Rename the file as needed.

5. Click Export.

6. The system then saves the file to the designated location.

How do I import a budget into Movie Magic Budgeting (MMB 10)?

1. Go to the Open Budgets window.

2. Start the import by clicking one of the three options:

3. IMPORT at the top right of the Open Budget pane

4. NEW BUDGET > IMPORT BUDGET/TEMPLATE at the top left of the Open Budget pane

5. File > Import Budget/Template in the file menu

6. Select the budget file using your Operating System’s file selection tool and click Open. Movie Magic Budgeting 10 can import valid .mbd files saved by MMB 7.

7. The budget is then imported and saved in your Uncategorized area.

8. The selected budget opens automatically.

NOTE: Some budgets created in MMB 7 have errors that are cleaned up on import to MMB 10. If your totals are different than expected on import, review the MMB 7 file for errors in Fringes, Units, or other calculations.

Does this product support other languages?

Not at this time.

Where can I get Movie Magic training?
Do you offer lesson plans for Movie Magic?

Not currently.  Please visit our Academy for online training courses.

How do I find the license for my Movie Magic Budgeting (MMB 10) studio license?

The production company, school, or studio that provides your Movie Magic Budgeting 10 license assigns it to a specific email address. Register an EP SmartID account with that email address to use MMB 10. If you don’t have an EP SmartID account, click Register Now on the MMB Log In page to get started. If you have an EP SmartID account for that email address, use that to sign in. Click Forgot Password? from the Log In page if you need to reset your password.

How do I add a user to our studio license?

Your company's Studio License Portal Manager needs to send a UAM form to the Movie Magic support team at mmsupport@ep.com for processing. Once the users have been added they will get an email with instructions on how to access the program.

What happen to my .mbd file?

The latest MMB is cloud-based so all budgets are auto-saved and stored in the cloud. All of the data within the budget is saved to the user's account.

Is Movie Magic Budgeting 10 compatible with MMB 7?

MMB 10 can both import and export an MMB 7 file.

Note: Due to additional features in newer versions of MMB, some data may be lost when transferring budget files between different versions of MMB.

Does Movie Magic Budgeting 10 auto-save my edits?

Yes, the application will auto-save all of your budgets whether you are on or offline. MMB will sync your data to the cloud storage when you connect to the internet. Once in the cloud, your data is encrypted and secure.

Does Movie Magic Budgeting work offline?

Absolutely! You can access all of your saved budgets and create new budgets offline. All of your data will be saved locally for seven days. Once you connect your device to a stable internet connection, all your budgets will be synced to the cloud.

I am upgrading from MMB 7. Do I have to start from scratch and recreate all of my budgets?

No, the new application can import MMB 7 files. Once imported, the budgets can be hosted in the new cloud environment. You can also use .mbd template files in the application.

Why do I have to log in to the application with a Username and Password?

The latest version of MMB uses EP Account login. Click here for Login Support.

How do I navigate through the budget with my mouse? Where is the trackball?

The latest MMB uses a "Breadcrumb" navigation system that allows you to easily see where you are in the budget and navigate using dropdown lists. You can also use shortcut keys for navigation or double-click the first column in the main budget.

Where are all of my setup tool windows?

All of the setup tools have been consolidated to one window with multiple tabs. Quickly set up and review all of your tools in one location.

Why is there only one list for my Flat and Percentage Fringes?

The "Unit" column and list have been consolidated. The default selection will be "%" but if you need to create a Flat fringe simply type in the Unit name of the text field, e.g. Day/week/hour.

How do I apply or reference my "Apply" tools such as Fringes and Groups?

The new right-rail "Apply" view allows you to easily apply Fringes and Groups to Detail line(s). Your updates will be saved in real-time. You can also reference all of your other tools that are keyed into your Detail lines.

What is the "Cloud Template" left-rail within all of my setup tool views?

The "Cloud Template" allows you to standardize your setup tool budget data, giving you the ability to add it to any open budget. This allows you to standardize all of your budget data and use it in any budget without having to import stale data from an outdated budget.

What is the "Budget" tab within all of my setup tool views?

The "Budget" tab contains all of the setup tools budget data for the current budget. It can be modified which won't affect your "Cloud Template".

Where are the "Report/Print" settings?

The Report/Print tool allows you to print exactly what you see on screen. Add or remove columns to the report using the ellipsis. You can also resize the columns on the report. Once you are happy with your layout simply export the report to a .pdf.

Purchasing Movie Magic Budgeting

What are the minimum system requirements for Movie Magic?

Movie Magic is built to work on macOS High Sierra and higher and Windows
8.1 and higher.

Can I use my MMB subscription if I do not have internet?

The application allows you to work offline for seven days. After the allotted time, you will be forced to login with an internet connection. Once a solid connection is available again, all the data will be synced to the system.

I need help purchasing MMB.

1. Log in to my.ep.com portal. If you do not have a log in, click on Register now to sign up. Follow the on-screen instructions to create an account, then proceed to log in.

2. Once logged in, you can purchase Movie Magic from the Store tab in the top navigation.

3. You will see three options for Movie Magic Budgeting — Standard, Annual Gift Coupon and Academic. Note: Select annual Gift Coupons when you are purchasing for someone else.

4. Select the Purchase button and you will be taken to a checkout page.

5. On the checkout page, fill out all relevant fields. If the location where the product will be used is different than the billing address, please add it as the shipping address. Note that this is a digital product, and no physical product will be shipped. If populated, the shipping address will only be used to calculate applicable taxes.

6. Lastly, check the CAPTCHA and review the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice. You will then be able to complete the purchase.

7. Once you have finalized the purchase process, you will be taken to your purchases tab. Here you will be prompted to download one of (2) application versions, depending on your computer’s Operating System – Mac or PC. Please select the appropriate Operating System.

I have a coupon code. How do I redeem?

1. Visit my.ep.com and login or register for an EP account.

2. Upon logging in, navigate to the Store tab in the top navigation bar.

3. Find your desired product and click Redeem gift coupon.

4. Enter the coupon code you received for the product.

5. Click complete purchase. You will then be taken to your purchases page to download the product.

How can I change or update my credit card information?
    1. Go to my.ep.com and sign in using the email and password you created.
    2. Once logged in, click on Store>Purchases in the navigation bar. You will see the option to view invoices, Payment method and How To's.

Purchasing Academic versions of Movie Magic.
  1. We offer an Academic version of Movie Magic for students and faculty.
  2. All students and faculty will need to be validated by the SheerID verification process.
  3. Log into my.ep.com and go to the Store. Click on the academic version of MMB or MMS.
  4. ⁠It will prompt you to verify your enrollment status as a student or staff at your university.
  5. Once approved, you will be taken to a check-out page for a discounted version of Movie Magic.

Do you have a monthly subscription for Academic?

No. The academic version is available only as a yearly plan.

My MMB subscription is suspended. I need help renewing.

Please send an email to mmsupport@ep.com. They will be able to assist in reinstating your account. A subscription will get suspended if the payment fails 3 times.

What If I want to cancel my MMB10 subscription?
    1. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
    2. Go to my.ep.com and login to your account.
    3. Navigate to Store and click on My Purchases.
    4. Click under the Cancel option for the product you wish to cancel.
    5. You will have access to the product until the end of your billing cycle for which you have already paid for.
    6. Entertainment Partners does not offer refunds for cancellations.

Can I buy bulk licenses of Movie Magic?
  • To make a bulk purchase of 10+ units of Movie Magic, please reach out to our team at moviemagicsales@ep.com
  • Bulk purchases of nine units or less can be done by selecting the Annual Gift Coupon/Bulk Coupon Purchase product from the EP Store, and then purchasing up to nine gift coupons at one time. Distribute the purchased coupons to the final recipients who can redeem them once they have logged into MyEP.

How do I purchase Movie Magic Budgeting for someone else?
  1. Visit my.ep.com and log in or register for an EP account.
  2. Upon logging in, navigate to the Store tab in the top navigation bar.
  3. Select Bulk Coupon Purchase for the product you wish to purchase. You can purchase up to nine coupons.
  4. Once you have the coupon(s), you can distribute them to the final recipient(s).
  5. They will need to log into or register at my.ep.com to redeem the coupon(s).

A coupon may be redeemed once by a single recipient.

Legacy Movie Magic Budgeting (MMB 7)

Where can I download the Legacy Movie Magic Budgeting (MMB 7) installer or installers?

Select the platform that applies to your Legacy Movie Magic Budgeting (MMB 7) license. The installer will begin downloading immediately.

What version is Legacy Movie Magic Budgeting (MMB 7)?

Legacy Movie Magic Budgeting (MMB 7) is at Ver 7.7.2228

I am on a Mac and my Legacy Movie Magic Budgeting (MMB 7) will not open.

Please follow these instructions to update your Movie Magic.

  1. Open the Finder window and select Applications.
  2. Go to the Movie Magic Folder and send the folder to the trash.
  3. Remove the icon from the dock or desktop
  4. To reinstall the software, click on the link below
  5. Once it is downloaded, you will double click to start the installation, please follow the seven-step process required to install the software. Once installed it will ask for your Mac Admin password or to activate the license.

How do I fix a lock file in my Legacy Movie Magic Budgeting (MMB 7)?

Lock files occur when the software application either does not close properly or it remains running and the device (laptop) lid is shut closed. Another cause of lock files could be double-clicking on the file and not going through the software to open the file.

  1. Please follow the steps below to fix this issue.
  2. Navigate to Users folder and open the folder with your computer name.
  3. You should find the file with ".lock".
  4. Delete the ".lock" file.
  5. You should be able to open the Movie Magic Program afterwards and work successfully.

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