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Central Casting Support

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Casting Payroll

I am missing a recent work payment. Where is my check?

Allow two weeks from the time you worked for your check to be issued and mailed. Dates below indicate when your check would be mailed, not the date you would receive the check.

CA work state

  • Union jobs: Checks are mailed on the Thursday after the end of the prior payroll week or on Friday for work on overnight locations.

    For example, work performed during the week of Sunday 3/10/2024 – Saturday 3/16/2024 would be paid Thursday 3/21/2024, or Fri 3/22/2024 if there is overnight location work.
  • Non-union jobs: Checks are mailed on the Friday after the end of the prior payroll week.

    For example, work performed during the week of Sunday 3/10/2024 – Saturday 3/16/2024 would be paid the next Friday 3/22/2024.

All other states
Checks are mailed on the Friday after end of the prior payroll week.

For example, work performed during the week of Sunday 3/10/2024 - Saturday 3/16/2024 would be paid by the next Friday 3/22/2024.

If you have waited at least 15 days (holidays excluded) since you last worked on a project without receiving payment, submit a completed Inquiries and Corrections Form to cpinquiries@ep.com. Include your booking information details or voucher.

How do I update my address so my check is mailed to the right place?

Update your address online
Updating your mailing address from your myEP profile is the standard, recommended method.

Requirement: Your Payroll Profile must be connected to your myEP account before you can change your mailing address. You have a Payroll Profile once you have been paid by EP. If you have never received a check from EP, you will not have a Payroll Profile.

  1. Log in to myEP.
  2. If you haven’t already, connect your Payroll Profile.
  3. Go to the navigation bar (left hand on desktop, bottom on mobile) and select “My Account”. You will be routed to the "My Profile" page. From here you will be presented with any applicable addresses based on your role and how you have been paid.
  4. Click on the ‘Edit’ option for the address you would like to update. A screen will open with the current address on file.
  5. Select and edit the information you wish to change.
  6. Click the ‘Save’ button to complete and submit your changes.

Your changes will be reflected in the ‘My Profile’ page.

MyEP address updates may take up to 24 hours to process.

⁠How do I connect my Payroll Profile in myEP?
⁠Video: MyEP - Change Your Address
How to sign up for Direct Deposit

Paper vouchers
If your production is using Central Casting paper vouchers, you may write in your new address on the lines provided on the voucher itself. Write clearly and carefully.

Note: If the written address on the paper voucher is different from the address in myEP, it will be assumed that the paper voucher address is more recent and correct. To avoid confusion, update the address in myEP to match the new address you wrote on the voucher.

I received my paycheck but it got lost, damaged, or was misplaced. How can I place a stop payment?
My name is incorrect on my check stub. How can I correct it?

To correct your Name or your SSN on file, complete the Background Actors Inquiries and Corrections Form. Please email the completed form and a copy of your SSN card to cpinquiries@ep.com.

How do I change/update my W-4 form and/or State Withholding Form?

To update your W-4 form or your state tax withholding form, please click here to find the form you need. Email the completed form to cpinquiries@ep.com.

May I pick up my paycheck from Casting Payroll?

At this time, we do not have the resources for checks to be picked up. Paychecks are handled in a secure area with 24-hour surveillance and are delivered by our bonded driver directly to the post office. Casting checks are sent by first-class mail. While most checks are received within 5 to 7 business days after being mailed, there are times when it may take longer, particularly during holiday periods. Please allow 10 business days for the payment to be processed and mailed to you.

I'm missing my "bump" for smoke, snow, water, make–up on my check.

Please complete our Background Actors Inquiries and Corrections Form and email it along with a copy of your voucher to cpinquiries@ep.com.

How do I request an earnings or work history?

You can view up to three years of Pay History information by logging into our employee portal at my.ep.com. You will need to connect your EP payroll profile first to enable access to your pay information.

Earnings Reports
After connecting your profile:

  1. Go to the navigation bar (left hand on desktop, bottom on mobile) and select MyPay and Pay History.
  2. You can select the pay information you would like to be included in the export and then, select the button on the top right labeled Export.

Paystubs copies
PDF paystubs issued from November 2021 and onward.

  1. Click on the checkbox next to the pay stub they wish to download. An option called Actions should be visible on the screen.
  2. Click on it and select “Download.”

You may request Earnings reports and paystub information older than three years by emailing a completed Background Actors Inquiries and Corrections Form to cpinquiries@ep.com.

Can I have my check deposited directly into my bank account?

Yes. You can sign up for direct deposit at my.ep.com. You'll need to create an account and connect your EP payroll profile to enable access to your pay information.

  1. Go to My Pay and click Direct Deposit Management
  2. Select Direct Deposit Management.
  3. Under “My Projects” column it will display your productions. Under the “Offers Direct Deposit column, confirm if your project offers Direct Deposit.
  4. Below your project’s status, you’ll see your name. Click Add Account(s) to start your enrollment.
  5. You can connect instantly using "Plaid" (recommended) to your bank account(s) right away or you can connect manually.
  6. Follow the instructions on the site to complete the process.

My check stub shows that I have sick time available. How do I take it?

To take sick time you must be confirmed as booked (i.e., scheduled) to work on a Central Casting show for the day for which you want to use sick leave. If you are not scheduled to work on the day on which you want to use sick leave, you cannot use sick leave for that day.

Email sickpay@centralcasting.com to alert the Central Casting team that you are calling out sick. They will notify the payroll department who will process the sick time payment.

I am the parent or legal guardian of a minor who receives payments from EP. How can I find out information about a payment to my child?

If a parent or legal guardian of a minor calls or emails our Casting Payroll Support team, they will need to answer a series of questions to validate against the information Casting Payroll has on file (such as the child’s Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Address). EP is required to successfully validate this information before check information is provided.

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