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The breakthrough 
 accounting tool.

Get the most advanced production cost management system in entertainment.

Real-time dashboards.
 Easy document uploading.
 Digital payment processing. 
 And more.

With 250+ template reports, ACH payment processing, simple document uploading, and one-click audit reporting, SmartAccounting’s user-friendly, real-time dashboards deliver the smart tools, military-grade security, and enhanced visibility you need to maximize efficiency and effectively manage production budgets. SmartAccounting is fully integrated with the Production Finance Studio for an always on, seamless experience. 

A fully integrated Production Finance Studio. 

SmartAccounting is fully integrated with EP’s SmartStart, SmartTime, SmartPO and EP Payroll to eliminate duplicate data entry, and ensure accuracy and compliance.

Production Finance Studio with SmartAccounting product overview flow chart
SmartAccounting Software With SmartPO Purchase Order Integration

Five great new features you demanded. Plus, 
now integrated with 
Movie Magic Budgeting.

  • Seamless integration with the new and improved Movie Magic Budgeting lets you bring all GL codes and budget amounts from any budget file directly into SmartAccounting for building Cost Reports and more.
  • Create and customize user roles and permissions for individuals to collaborate smarter, save time, and track changes.
  • Access a quick view of all the checks you're processing to see the impact to your cashflow before printing.
  • Scan and upload your invoices into SmartAccounting.
  • Now with digital ACH processing for effortless wire transfers.

film production crew shooting on set

Work from anywhere, anytime. Deep integration for a truly digital production finance workflow.

  • Get instant access to the SmartAccounting dashboard and complete financial database anytime, anywhere. 
  • SmartAccounting is the only production accounting tool that integrates with AssetHub to provide oversight of valuable assets and make reconciling asset lists across applications a breeze.
  • Integration with EP’s new SmartPO means fast and accurate cost estimates without having to manually enter a single row of data. Plus, all your SmartAccounting vendors, account coding, company information, and currencies are automatically pushed into SmartPO.
  • Direct integration with our partner CASHét’s suite of expense and payment tools means automatic importing of all your production card expenses as well as remote approval and secure release of digital payments to vendors.
  • View and share updates from anywhere with key stakeholders using Reports Packages and one-click audit reports.

security padlock on a shield

Get military-grade security.

  • Only SmartAccounting encrypts data in cloud-based storage so data is protected both in transit and at rest.
  • SmartAccounting is ISO-27001 certified to keep your sensitive financial information safe and secure.
  • Direct encrypted connection with the new Movie Magic Budgeting means no more passing budget files via unsecured email.

Learn more about EP's industry leading security infrastructure.

See what they are saying about us

"Know what they're doing, not just payroll but residuals, stunt player insurance, guilds, and prices are competitive. Nice people too."

Graham J.
Production Executive

"Nothing has ever been wrong. Other payroll services are such a pain. I think the ONE time I needed to call EP, everything was taken care of immediately. Best in the biz right here!"

Brittney B.

"SmartAccounting is the pace setter of the industry, in my opinion, with easy to use and intuitive modules, importing options, and accessibility."

Ruby Dee Philippa
Production Accountant

"SmartAccounting cost reporting – it is the best in the biz."

Kevin Blood
Key Production Accountant

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 Production Finance Studio

See why so many production accountants and finance executives love SmartAccounting. 

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