To recover a forgotten MMB/MMS Activation ID/License number:

  • Launch the program after installation has been completed. The Activation Wizard will populate.
  • Click on Activate License.

  • Select Forgot your License Number?

  • The License Number Recovery window will appear.
  • Fill out First Name, Last Name, and email address (it is not case-sensitive). Once completed, select Recover License Number.

    NOTE: The name and email address needs to entered exactly as it was when the License was registered.

  • If the information entered does not match, an error message will appear.

  • To update your email address, please contact EP Product Support at
  • Once your information has been entered, the window will update with a notification that your License number(s) have been sent to the email address you provided.

  • The email you receive will be from and will provide:
    • The License number(s) associated with the name and email address provided
    • The number of Activations remaining for each License number
    • A list of Activations currently in place on the computer name, date, and time

      NOTE: This will be product-specific. If you are using this feature in Movie Magic Budgeting 7 (MMB 7), the email will contain only the MMB 7 Licenses associated to the email address. This also works the same in Movie Magic Scheduling 5 (MMS 5).