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Faster Production Payroll: Introducing New SmartTime

Timecard capture and calculation just got even easier with the introduction of New SmartTime, part of the Production Finance Studio
September 29, 2021

Managing production payroll just got easier with the introduction of New SmartTime, the latest iteration of Entertainment Partners’ industry-leading digital timecard and payroll management solution, a part of the Production Finance Studio. For decades production payroll has run on a system of paper timecards, leaving crew and payroll accountants the manual and paper-heavy task of collecting, breaking, and processing weekly payroll by hand. 

What benefits can clients expect with New SmartTime?  

Timesaving, exclusive integrations.

As part of the Production Finance Studio, New SmartTime is directly integrated with both SmartAccounting, and EP’s digital onboarding solution SmartStart. Once start paperwork is approved within SmartStart, important details unique to each crew member’s contract, including rate details, allowances such as box rentals, per diems, car rentals, and more, are automatically imported into New SmartTime and can be quickly shared with EP Paymasters. 

Secure, paperless timecard entry and approvals.

Hollywood is a 24-hour business, taking crew across the globe. With New SmartTime, crew can create, review, and submit their timecards from anywhere, at any time, from any web-enabled device. A new approvals workflow allows for quick and easy communication between crew, approvers, and payroll accountants, including sharing of documentation and notes. Timecard edits can made directly within the app, approvals can be issued, and batches of timecards can be submitted all within in a few clicks. And with EP’s military-grade security, sensitive personal information is protected at all times.  

Faster, more accurate payroll.

The system was thoughtfully designed to help payroll accountants to do their work faster. Efficiencies built into New SmartTime mean contracts and timecard data are entered once, resulting in a shorter turnaround time to the shows, and faster overall processing from start to finish. And with the industry’s best hours-to-gross engine, New SmartTime automatically calculates overtime, meal penalties, premiums, allowances, and more, drastically improving the accuracy of calculating pay against often-complex union and non-union contracts. 

As the entertainment industry continues to respond to the new realities of COVID-19 and undergoes a digital transformation, New SmartTime supports safe, contact-free production payroll. Get started with New SmartTime today!

For more information or to request a demo, contact us HERE.

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