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Expert management of all aspects of the incentive application process.

Get the most from your incentive with EP's expert processing, analytical and reporting capabilities.

Precise Analytics. Meticulous Tracking. Global Reach.

Let EP’s team of incentive experts handle the entire incentive application process including follow-up, additional filings, and document submissions. We will work with the jurisdiction, lender, and investors, and furnish the required data and documentation to make sure you get the most from your incentive. We have the tools – the processing, analytical and reporting capabilities – to do it for you accurately and efficiently, around the globe.

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Work with experts for increased efficiency and cost savings in your incentive application process

  • Assistance with all communications with regulatory authorities.
  • Incentive value analysis and opinion letters provided.
  • Support with follow up, additional filings and document submissions.

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Maximize production incentives and ensure continued qualification.

  • Monitor cost ledgers and other elements throughout production to safeguard continued qualification and to maximize incentives.
Maple Leaf

Access full suite of administrative services for Canadian productions.

  • Work with experts in Canada, who handle every aspect of administering and filing for Canadian tax incentives, from corporate setup to income tax return filing.

See what the industry is saying about us

"The EP Incentives team is second to none in the industry. Their expertise and prompt, detailed responses to queries relating to incentives anywhere in the world has been extremely helpful over the years. Their Admin services including vetting budgets, ledgers and incentives applications have ensured clean and appropriately-tagged documents, leading to significantly higher financial returns."

Peter W.
SVP, Production Finance
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"We have been utilizing EP’s tax incentive group for over five years now and have successfully worked with them from initial application through final collection on several projects from several states. Their knowledge of the various state tax-credit programs has proven to be extremely beneficial. They help insure the entire process stays on track, as well as helping to resolve issues along the way."

Pat S.
EVP, Finance
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Thank you Entertainment Partners! You were amazing partners (and still are!). If any producers are looking for a different option for interim financing, I HIGHLY recommend EP. As a first time feature film producer, I can honestly say this film would not have been made without them.

Rachelle C.
film production crew shooting on set

Everyone is always very responsive and provides good work. We truly appreciate the reliable work of the entire EPC team.

Marie F.
Associate Director
Secure the highest value Tax Credit Placement with EP Experts

I’m a repeat user. I think that as an independent producer using EP to process the tax credits, it’s the best way to go.

Dan H.
Executive Producer
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Your resource for expert production incentives administration.

Take advantage of all the work to maximize your incentive, without any of the hassle.