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Am I able to enter Daily and Weekly Time Cards in SmartTime?

SmartTime time cards may be entered daily or weekly – or both – and are uploaded to EP for processing at the touch of a button.

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Am I able to enter my own Start Cards in SmartTime?

Yes. You can take advantage of SmartTime’s quick and simplified employee set-up, or you can choose to let EP set up the Start Cards.

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Do I still need a paper Time Card if I’m entering times in SmartTime: Mobile?

No. You do not need a paper Time Card.

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Does SmartTime’s Start Card program transmit starts to EP’s internal systems?

No, SmartStart is EP’s Start Card program which transmits information to EP. SmartTime does receive start card information from EP’s internal system.

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How do I add a Day Player to a project from SmartTime: Mobile?

It is the same as adding a regular crew member, but there is a choice to select Day Player. In the SmartTime: Mobile page under Projects, click on Crew Members. Under Members, click on Add New Member. Under Profile, add the information for the new crew member. One of the fields is Day Player. This field defaults to No. You will need to click on Yes to categorize the new crew member as a Day Player in SmartTime.

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How do I add a person to SmartTime: Mobile as a Department Administrator to approve times and/or submit times for a department?

For security reasons, EP Client Services must first set up these individuals’ accounts in order to have them available to your project. Please contact your Client Services representative at 818.955.6299 for assistance.

Once done, the individuals will be set up in SmartTime in the Administer Client Users screen in the Tools menu. You can complete their information/permissions by searching for them by first or last name and selecting the Search button. Once you have selected the individual, you can add their position on the project and their relevant contact information. You will not be able to edit email address. Select a Role for the user within the Manage Permissions section and adjust access as required.

You will set them up in Manage Permissions as Department Administrator and then select the appropriate departments in the Department Access section below it. The department(s) he/she is granted access to will allow the user to approve and/or submit times on behalf of that department and create a “hot start” (an inactive/partial Start Card) for any department(s) the user has been given Department Access to.

If the user has an email address in his/her Start Card AND if the project is setup as a SmartTime: Mobile enabled project, an email will be sent inviting them to set up an account for the project.

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How do I block meal penalties in SmartTime?

In both Daily Bulk Entry and Weekly Time Entry, there are two columns marked MP1 (Meal Penalties before the first meal break) and MP2 (Meal Penalties after the first meal break), which default to calculate meal penalties (Y for yes). Simply switch this to an N (for no), and no meal penalties will calculate. Meal penalty and other premium preferences can be set as a default Start Card in cases where SmartTime’s default to calculate all penalties is not required.

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How do I enter an allowance in SmartTime?

There are two ways to set up allowances. If it is a reoccurring allowance, set it up in the Start Card module at the bottom of the screen under the Allowances section. The allowance will automatically be calculated every time a Time Card is entered. If it is a one-time allowance, key it in at the bottom of the Weekly Time Card in the summary section by selecting the desired Pay Code or Pay Category and Pay Details, followed by the Amount.

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How do I get access to my project in SmartTime: Mobile if the invitation link expired?

You will get an error when you try to use the expired link. The error will tell you to click Forgotten Password. You will be sent a new access letter email.

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How do I input a re-rate in SmartTime?

In the time entry grid area, there is a column titled Re-Rate to the right of the wrap time column. If the Re-Rate column is not visible, you may need to click on Hide/Show Sections above the Date column to unhide it. Re-Rates can be entered as a new hourly rate without a new job code or schedule. If a new job code and schedule are chosen, SmartTime will pre-populate the union scale rate if one applies. The pre-populated scale rate can be overridden with any hourly rate the crew member is due.

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How do I print Weekly Time Cards in SmartTime?

There are two ways to print Weekly Time Cards. To print an individual Time Card, simply bring the Time Card up in the Weekly Time Card module and select the Print icon at the top of the page.

To print a group of Time Cards, go to the Reports module and select Weekly Time Card as the desired report type in the left hand navigation panel. Under the run by menu, select the desired option (e.g., run by batch, department, employee, etc.) and then select the corresponding items to include from the list below.

NOTE: The workspace allows for the user to select different options to include/exclude from the report. For example, by default, day breakage will print on the Time Cards. De-selecting this option will exclude day breakage from the Time Card.

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How do I reset my password in SmartTime: Mobile?

Click the Forgot Password link on the homepage and you will be invited to create a new one.

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How do I sort by name in SmartTime Daily Bulk Entry?

The column titles shaded in gray have up/down arrows that can be clicked on to re-sort the list of crew members. Clicking the down arrow will sort in ascending order and clicking the up arrow will sort in descending order. Name, Job Title, and GL Accounts all have arrow links available for sorting.

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How do I submit a Batch in SmartTime?

In the Batch Management module under Manage Open Batches , check mark the desired batches to be submitted and then select the Submit Batch button.

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If I don’t have a Department Administrator to approve my times (or I’m a department of one), do I have to approve my SmartTime: Mobile times twice — once as the employee and once as the Department Administrator?

Yes. The way SmartTime: Mobile works at this time, there must be a Department Administrator setup. If you are the Department Administrator authorized to approved your own times, then you will need to approve your times as an employee and then as the Department Administrator. However, most people typically have someone else that approves their time. Potentially, the Production Coordinator, Second AD, or UPM would be set up as the Department Administrator.

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What fields do not transfer into SmartTime’s Start Card program from the EP’s Internal Payroll System?

The only fields that do NOT come from EP’s Internal Payroll System into SmartTime are the allowances, budgeted amount fields, Off Production, and Day Player checkboxes.

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What is SmartTime?

SmartTime is an innovative solution for entering and calculating production payroll time cards. SmartTime has been developed to assist production accounting departments with the processing of weekly payroll. SmartTime is an internet-based application for EP payroll partners and is designed to interface directly with Entertainment Partners’ payroll system. Based on the information provided to the EP Marketing team, SmartTime comes pre-loaded with the contractual pay conditions required to calculate and process payroll for the user’s production.

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What should I do if I never received an invitation to use SmartTime: Mobile?

Contact your production office. Your Department Administrator will check to make sure they are using the correct email address for you.

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Who do I contact if I have a support question related to SmartTime: Mobile?

Please contact your production office.

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Why did my Start Card change not work in SmartTime?

When you update a Start Card, those changes will be in effect for new time cards created after the change is saved. To update an existing weekly time card with the latest start card changes, click on the menu for the calculate button located in the upper right hand section of the weekly time card. The calculate button is a circle made up of two arrows and the menu option Refresh Rates from Start Card will recalculate the time card using the latest Start Card information.

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Creating a Batch in SmartTime

To create a batch in SmartTime:

  • Click on + New Batch from the Time Card Batches menu.

  • Select your default week ending date, name the batch, and click the green Save button.

  • Once your Batch is created, you are ready to start entering Time Cards into our Daily Bulk Entry or Weekly Time Entry modules.

  • New batches can also be created from within the daily or weekly time entry modules.

  • The default week ending date will populate on each new time card entered, but this can be modified to a past or future week ending date if needed.

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Entering Work Times Daily in SmartTime

Daily Bulk Entry was created to allow for quick entry of work times from a Production Report or Daily Time Sheets. Data entry time can be significantly reduced by using the blue shaded Bulk Entry Row.

NOTE: A batch is required to complete Time Card entry.

To enter daily times in SmartTime:

  • Select the desired date and check the department(s) to which you wish to assign times. Click Load.

  • Select the desired date, and check the department(s) to which you wish to assign times. Click Load.

  • Employees set up under the selected department(s) will populate in alphabetical order within each department. Clicking on the small gray arrows in the column headers will re-sort the list. The columns with sorting capabilities include Name, Job Title, and GL Accounts.

  • Apply data to multiple Employees in the Bulk Entry row by completing the following steps:
    1. Enter any information that needs to be copied to one or more employees, including crew meal or work times.
    2. Users can also apply Conditions (i.e., Report To or Distant), Split GL coding, or allowances to all employees selected.

    3. Select a batch from the drop-down menu in the Bulk Entry row.

    4. Users can also apply Conditions (i.e., Studio or Distant), Meal Penalties, and G/L Coding to all employees selected.

    5. Check off the employees that the data will apply to and choose Copy All to Selected. The data will then copy down to each employee selected under the Employee Information grid.

      NOTE: Pay indicates user entry is per the Time Card. PR indicates user entry is per the Production Report.

  • Once you have completed the entry, click the green Save button in the lower right hand corner.

  • After clicking on the Save button, the Saving Time Sheet window will appear. It will indicate how many records processed and which records are not saved due to an entry error.

  • Further modifications can then be made to individual employees in the grid and those records saved.

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Managing a Batch in SmartTime

In Batch Management, you can copy, delete, or make other modifications to your Batches. The information below will walk you through how to change a batch name and move employees from one batch to another with ease.

To change a Batch Name in SmartTime:

  • In the Manage Batches screen, find the batch name you would like to modify and click the pencil icon on the far right of the same line as your selected batch.

  • You may now change the title in the Batch Name field or change the default week ending date for any time cards created after this change. Once you’ve completed your modifications, click the green Save button.

NOTE: Once a Batch is submitted to EP, the Batch Name cannot be modified.

To move Time Cards from one Batch to another:

  • In the Manage Batches screen, click on the hyperlinked name of the batch you want to move time cards from.

  • Once you are viewing the details of your selected batch, click on the transfer icon for the first time card you wish to move.

  • Clicking the transfer icon will launch a window where you can select your destination batch as well as other time cards you wish to move. When you’re done making your selections, click the green button to save your changes.

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Setting Allowance Defaults in an SmartTime Start Card

To set Allowance defaults in SmartTime:

  • Scroll down to the Allowances section of a new or existing Start Card.

  • Click on the drop-down menu to select the type of allowance desired and enter the rate and any unique GL coding that may apply. You may also indicate other preferences such as what type of days the allowance is due, a ceiling or cap on the amount, and if the allowance should appear on its own check.

  • By adding these default values, the amounts will then be applied automatically to the Weekly Time Card each week going forward.

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Setting Up a Start Card in SmartTime

Start Cards must be set up for each Employee before any time cards can be entered. The Job Info tab is available for users to complete initial quick entry. Entering this initial information will allow users to begin Daily or Weekly Time Sheet entry immediately.

To set up a Start Card in SmartTime:

  • Choose Employees – + New Start Card from the menu bar.

  • Add a Start Card by entering the following required fields indicated by a green font and green star: SSN, Name (Last/First), Type (defaults to Individual), Union, Job, Schedule, and Work Location.

  • If the employee is Incorporated, there are additional required fields. The Type drop-down field must be changed to Corporation and the FEIN and Loanout Entity fields must be entered.

  • It is also helpful to enter the Work County (CTY) and City (CIT) when applicable for Tax Rebate purposes, as well as the Department, Start Date, GL Code, and Rates.

  • For a Union Employee, scale rates will appear after the Union, Job, and Schedule have been entered. Clicking on the Pay Scale checkbox will apply the scale rate to the Start Card.

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Submitting a Batch from SmartTime to EP

To submit a batch to Entertainment Partners:

  • Click on the Manage Open Batches option to see a list of available batches.

  • Select the batches you wish to submit to EP for processing by clicking each batch’s check box.

  • Once all the desired batches are checked, select the Submit Batches button. An email notification will be sent to the paymaster denoted in the Email Notification field at the bottom of the section.

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