EP has launched EP Cares™, a health insurance program carried by Cigna, as a solution that production companies can consider should they wish to insure their non-union employees. EP Cares™ health insurance is portable for employees, meaning you may choose to continue the same plan with the same doctors when switching from one EP Cares™ participating employer to another that also maintains EP Cares™ health insurance. EP Cares™ is an employer-sponsored group health plan, and is not a program from which you can purchase individual policies. Your production company must be an EP Cares™ participant in order for you to have access to insurance coverage through EP Cares™.

Individuals can subscribe now by contacting us via email at epcares@ep.com or by phone at 855.339.7350.


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Alert: Anthem Blue Cross Form 1095-B Error

February 1, 2016 – Due to a recent error by Anthem Blue Cross (“Anthem”), the new IRS 1095-B forms sent to the 2015 EP Cares™ subscribers (your production employees), incorrectly listed Entertainment Partners, rather than your company, as the “Employer.”

We believe there should be no impact to your employees’ ability to file individual 1040 or 1040EZ tax returns as there is no requirement to identify the employer.

Anthem will prepare and send a corrected Form 1095-B and in the interim are sending this note to affected members:

Recently you received from Anthem a new tax form, called Form 1095-B, showing what Anthem believes to be the partial and/or full months in 2015 during which you had health insurance through Anthem. You and your tax preparer will use the information in Part IV of Form 1095-B in preparing your 2015 federal tax return.

The purpose of this letter is to let you know that the information in Part II of Form 1095-B, including the name, address and tax identification number of your employer, is Incorrect. Part II of the form shows Entertainment Partners Los Angeles as the “Employer” and lists its address. The form should show the name, address and taxpayer identification number of the studio or production company that employed you or sponsored your coverage in 2015, and through which you received your health insurance from Anthem.

In the near future you will receive from Anthem a corrected Form 1095-B that will accurately reflect the name and other relevant information regarding your employer. In the meantime, you do not need to wait for your corrected Form 1095-B to file your taxes.

When you prepare your tax return, you’ll use the information in Part IV of Form 1095-B, and to the best of our knowledge, that information is correct. The incorrect information in Part II does not affect your ability to prepare and file your federal tax return.

Anthem and its partners regret any inconvenience this might cause you.

Production companies who contracted with Entertainment Partners for Government Reporting Services were not impacted by the Anthem error. We are processing the 1095-C forms and will have them distributed in advance of the March 31 deadline.

Thank you for your continued support. Please contact your ACA Benefits Specialist or reach out to us at epcares@ep.com or 855.339.7350 (Option 3) with any additional questions.

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