Say goodbye to calculators and Excel. Say hello to a digital time card solution customized to the specific needs of our industry. SmartTime is the electronic smart calculator for payroll accountants. With the push of a button, it automatically and accurately calculates the terms of union and non-union rules, freeing you up from that laborious task. You can create customizable reports including the employee detail report – payroll bible, check sign off sheets, crew lists, etc. – all without keying in a single element of information. Plus, labor day cost report, discrepancy report, and labor distribution report. Not to mention creating labels with a click. Faster, more efficient, digital time cards – why would you use anything less?

SmartTime Mobile

Whether employees are working locally or remotely, they can now complete timecards digitally on their mobile devices for automatic submission from anywhere, at any time. And department heads can easily approve those submissions. EP has made your world more efficient while making their world easier. If your crew is not using SmartTime Mobile, they are probably spending too much time on time cards and not enough time on production.


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