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Get the support you need to comply with Affordable Care Act (ACA) Requirements.

All U.S. residents, subject to certain exceptions, must secure the minimum essential health coverage for themselves and their dependents or pay an annualized penalty tax for each month of non-compliance.

Each year, EP issues 1095-C Forms for Production Worker Employees (PWEs). The 1095-C provides workers and the IRS with information on the employer-sponsored health insurance that was offered (if applicable) during the previous calendar year, so you can avoid any penalties or fines.

When will I receive my 1095-C Form?

All forms will be mailed no later than March 2. We are unable to provide a specific mailing date for your particular form.

Do I need my 1095-C Form to file my taxes?

No. 1095-C forms are not attached to tax returns. You can file a tax return even if you have not received a 1095-C form.

Information on my form is wrong. Who can help me?

First, you need to determine whether EP issued the 1095-C Form. Review Part 1, Item 10 of the Form. Forms issued by EP will list either 818.955.6022 or 800.417.0037 in this box. If there is a different phone number listed, EP did not distribute the form and we can provide no additional assistance.

  • If the form was issued by EP, please direct your inquiry to:
  1. Phone: 818.955.6022
  • If the form was not issued by EP, please direct your inquiry to the phone number listed in Part 1, Item 10 of the Form.

What is the purpose of the 1095-C Form?

  • To provide production workers with information regarding their employer-sponsored health insurance for the previous calendar year.
  • To provide the IRS with information on whether the employer (usually the Production Company) is in compliance with Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) regulations
  • To provide the IRS with information on whether the individual maintained adequate health insurance as required by the ACA.

What are the other 1095 forms, and what should I know about them?

  • Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement
  • Form 1095-B, Health Coverage

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has posted a set of questions and answers that provide information about Forms 1095-B and 1095-C. The questions and answers explain who should expect to receive the forms, how they can be used, and how to file a tax return with or without the forms.

If you have any questions regarding ACA and your government reporting requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at 1095inquiry@ep.com.

Please note: Entertainment Partners offers ACA compliance solutions to various production companies and studios in the entertainment industry. This includes preparing and filing the required reports with the IRS. You may receive a copy of Form 1095-C from EP that will be filed with the IRS on behalf of the production company you worked for during the previous calendar year. Please note that not all production companies have contracted with EP for fulfillment of this reporting obligation.

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