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Paymaster Rate Guide Support

Tips and Tricks for the Paymaster PDF

Tips & Tricks with The Paymaster PDF

Paymaster PDF Issues?

Let us know so that our team can reach out to assist. salesoperations@ep.com

The current version is 2023-2024.

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The Paymaster Rate Guide is published annually and available as a downloadable PDF only. Any updates that are released for the current version are included with your purchase of that version.

Paymaster Rate Guide

When will the new Paymaster Rate Guide be available?

The Paymaster Rate Guide is released annually, after the labor and union agreements have been finalized and then reviewed by EP’s team of experts. Typically, the new version is released late Summer or Fall.

How do I sign up for Paymaster Rate Guide updates?

If you have purchased the current Paymaster directly from EP, you will automatically receive update notifications to the email you provided. If you have unsubscribed from our emails, then you may not get your notifications.

For questions on updates, please send an email to: salesoperations@ep.com and include “Paymaster support” in the subject line.

I just downloaded the PDF edition of The Paymaster, but I don’t see the file. How do I find the PDF?

The trick is to make sure you are checking within the browser you used to download the file.

  • Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Internet Explorer all have “downloads” sections.
  • On a Windows machine, they all have the same shortcut – Ctrl+J to get to the downloads. 
  • On a Mac, you can find the PDF with Shift + ⌘ Command + J or Alt + J for Chrome or Firefox; in Safari it is under the “view” menu.

If the download is not listed, then one of two things happened.

  • It was removed from the downloads list or; 
  • It may have opened the link in another browser (possibly inadvertently). For instance, if you commonly use Chrome, but use Outlook for your email, Outlook may have opened the link in another browser.

Please be mindful that most in-browser PDF viewings don’t have notes available, so you would have to download and install Acrobat Reader for full functionality.

How do I easily navigate through the digital PDF of The Paymaster?

The PDF file includes a fully linked table of contents that allows you to easily navigate to each section of the guide. For Adobe Acrobat, refer to the “Bookmarks” section.

I’m having trouble purchasing The Paymaster. Who can help?

Please contact us for assistance. salesoperations@ep.com

Who can I talk to about specific content related questions?

For Paymaster content inquiries, please contact your assigned Paymaster.

If you do not have an assigned Paymaster, send your email to: ClientServices@ep.com

How can I get the printed version of the Paymaster?

EP no longer offers a printed version of the Paymaster Rate Guide. It is now available as a digital PDF only as we move towards contact-free and paperless solutions.

How do I purchase a Canadian Ratebook?

If you are an EP Canadian payroll client and would like an EP provincial Ratebook, otherwise known as The Paymaster Rate Guide in the US, you can email our Canadian team at epcmarketing@ep.com to request a copy. Please provide the name of your project to help expedite your request.

How do I make a bulk purchase of the EP Paymaster Rate Guide?

You may make bulk purchases of gift coupon codes for the EP Paymaster Rate Guide which can be distributed and redeemed. A person who receives one of the purchased gift codes can redeem the code for their edition of the guide from our store. Each code may be applied a single time for a single edition of the guide.

To purchase EP Paymaster Bulk Gift coupons:

  1. Log into myEP.
  2. Go to Store > Products.
  3. Enter the quantity you would like to purchase, your billing information, and complete the purchase.
  4. Once purchased, your coupons are available for download from the 'Purchases' section of myEP Store.

To redeem a bulk purchase coupon code:

  1. Log into myEP.
  2. Go to Store > Products.
  3. Click on 'Redeem gift coupon' under The Paymaster product listing.
  4. Enter the coupon code and click Redeem.

Note, the person making the bulk purchase will also need to redeem a coupon code in order to receive a copy of the guide.

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For Paymaster Rate Guide purchase or PDF use, include "Paymaster Support" in the subject line of your email and send to: salesoperations@ep.com

For Paymaster content inquiries, please contact your assigned Paymaster.

If you do not have an assigned Paymaster, send your email to: ClientServices@ep.com

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For inquiries about purchasing an EP Provincial Ratebook, please email: epcmarketing@ep.com

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