New modifications and updates are now available for The Paymaster 2015-2016. These changes are free and can be easily downloaded from our Paymaster Updates page. Once downloaded, the updated pages can be printed double-sided and inserted into The Paymaster binder.

The changes include:

  • Updated IAP base rates and pension/health contributions for Casting Directors and Associate Casting Directors for the new Local 399/817 Casting Director Agreement.
  • Corrected Local 700 Editors night premium hours and Low Budget Theatrical Agreement Tier 1 “2nd” hourly wage rate.
  • Adjusted Federal Payroll Taxes and Local 600 Amendment Agreement text for clarity.

A full summary of the changes can also be found on the first page of the November 2015 Update PDF, available on the Paymaster Updates page.

If you purchased the CD version, please contact EP Product Sales at or 818.955.6399 to request an updated CD.

PLEASE NOTE: Notification of any new updates will be sent to the email address you provided at the time of purchase.

If you opt out of receiving emails from EP at any time, you will not receive any future update notification emails. Please check the Paymaster Updates page regularly for updates.

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