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EP’s Jane Corden Speaks on Global Collaboration Panel at Australia’s SCREEN FOREVER 38

Industry experts gather to discuss the state of Australian film and television businesses, and the future economic impact as more productions head to the region.
July 1, 2024
Jane Corden speaks on panel at Screen Forever 38

SCREEN FOREVER 38 recently took place in Queensland’s Gold Coast. Both local and international entertainment professionals flocked to Australia’s premier industry event, organized by Screen Producers Australia (SPA). Among eventgoers were many niche industry experts—including Entertainment Partners’ international tax incentive expert and Managing Director of Australia and New Zealand operations, Jane Corden. 

When asked about her favorite part of the annual  SCREEN FOREVER conference, Corden said, “It’s the only time of the year when all the stakeholders come together. It’s great to step out of the day-to-day, think about where the Australian film industry has shifted over the last year, and see where the opportunities are over the next twelve months.”

Corden was also excited to see the level of interest in Australian content creators. “BBC’s acquisition of Werner Film Productions was announced the week of the conference,” she said. Adding, “Australia is a small territory with insignificant audiences when compared to the world stage, yet all the major studios look to partner with local content creators—recognised for their ability to make content for international markets.” 

A Convergence of New Ideas and Lessons Learned 

SCREEN FOREVER’s jam-packed agenda brought a wide array of speakers to the stage to share unique perspectives. Corden said, “Speakers and panelists provided insights into future trends and brought issues to the table for us to discuss, debate, and come up with ideas for resolution.” The event also drew high-profile producers—including Ron Howard and Bill Conner—who shared insights learned throughout their impressive careers. 

International collaboration was a particularly hot topic this year, and for good reason. Corden explains, “Australia’s new Location Offset is expected to be legislated by June 30. Local producers are looking for the best ways to partner with studios and international filmmakers to ensure opportunities are optimised.” She adds, “I wanted to be part of the discussion so I can help set expectations and answer questions about tax incentive programs that will lead to positive experiences for locals and internationals who choose to film here.”

Global Collaboration was in the SCREEN FOREVER Spotlight

In a panel titled Global Collaboration and the Business of Australian Entertainment, an impressive group of industry experts—Corden included—discussed the many ways individuals and companies from different countries gain value from working together. 

Ian Murray, the CEO of 113 Partners—a boutique Australia-based advisory firm that helps businesses in the creative industries seek investment and realise their value—moderated the panel. Other panelists included Phil Hunt, Chief Executive Officer at UK-based Head Gear Films; Will Hamilton, Director of Commercial and Business Operations at BBC Studios Australia; Helen Panckhurst, Head of Production at Matchbox Pictures; and Daniel Schulz, Head of Finance and Strategy at Ludo Studio

“There is no ‘right’ way to partner globally, and it was great to learn about different approaches for structuring this type of arrangement,” Corden explains. “Panelists represented a variety of partnership structures—from acquisition to distribution arrangements, both at a company level and a project level.” She encouraged production teams interested in global collaboration to explore project partnering if an acquisition proved too daunting. She said, “It’s a good way to establish how two companies can work together with less due diligence demands.”

During the panel, Corden also spoke about the transformative benefits of injecting foreign capital into local economies. She said, “There are many positive impacts that come along with international companies acquiring Australian film and television businesses. Beyond the more obvious benefits of stimulating local economies, these collaborations help transform our local industry by allowing us to develop talent and foster job creation—while crafting inclusive narratives that make a strong impact.”

Connect With The Ultimate Global Collaboration Partner

If you’re pursuing a global production, Entertainment Partners is your ideal resource. Corden explains it perfectly when she says, “Moneypenny, which was acquired by EP in 2022, has firsthand experience in global partnering—the due diligence that’s involved, and subsequent integration and alignment. We’re part of a global company that works internationally with all the major studios and understands how to streamline the workflows on a production that’s bringing together talent and intellectual property from around the world. We’re constantly developing systems and reporting tools to create efficiencies and aggregate data in order to optimise outcomes across slates of production.”  Contact us today to learn more.

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