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New York


Messengers and Payroll Pickup/Drop-off Runners

Upon arrival, you should identify yourself as a Visitor. This allows use of the main elevators and avoids being directed to the freight elevators, which are accessed outside and around the corner from the main building doors. Any person who identifies themselves as a messenger or a payroll pickup/drop-off runner will be considered delivery personnel by building security and will be directed to the freight elevators. The requirement to be on the list still applies

5 Penn Plaza, 10th Floor

New York, NY 10001

Phone: 646.473.9000

Fax: 646.786.3809

Pre-Registration Required

All visitors and delivery personnel to the EP and Central Casting suite at 5 Penn Plaza must be pre-registered with building security to be allowed entry. If you arrive at the building and are not on the list, contact your EP or Central Casting representative to be added to the list, on-the-spot. The building security team will see the update in their system in just a few minutes and you will be allowed entry. This rule applies to all non-employees who wish to enter the EP or Central Casting suite. This includes messengers, payroll runners, clients, guests, accompanied guests, personal visitors, etc. Everyone must be on the list.

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