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Spotlight: Martin Mazor, SVP, Infrastructure & Security

Meet the industry-veteran leading EP's dedicated security team
October 5, 2021

Staff Writer

Martin Mazor

In a world where hacking and billion-dollar data breaches have become daily events, Entertainment Partners brings a powerful defender to protect against these threats. Martin Mazor, EP’s Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer has spent over 20 years in the trenches protecting data and ensuring the security of information against the thousands of cybersecurity attacks that occur each day, totaling millions of threats each month.

At EP, Mazor takes a security-first approach. “We have made significant investments in our security architecture to be highly available and highly resilient to minimize any impact to our customers.” Leading a strong and diverse security team with over 75 years of combined expertise, Mazor’s group treats cyber threats as if they are on the front lines of battle, leveraging military principles and global defense tactics. This specialized team is constantly assessing the latest threats and risks in order to protect client assets, and they maintain the highly sophisticated security measures and defensive and protective processes which are a key differentiator for EP.

Mazor first honed his skills leading the global cybersecurity teams of Fortune 100, Fortune 500 and FTSE (UK) companies in highly secure industries including aerospace, defense, and government. While leading these companies' security teams, Mazor faced a variety of different types of security threats ranging from malicious malware to supply chain breaches, requiring rapid responses and an innovative approach.

“In the entertainment industry, a movie is an amalgamation of sources that produce a product: a film. These supply chains create numerous areas of vulnerability and vigilance is constantly required, whether it’s protecting an asset, intellectual property, or personal information."

Mazor's security philosophy and implementation sharpened while at a global technology company, where he uncovered and defended against an outside attack on a critical IT supplier. “Supply chains are pivotal to the success of most organizations,” Mazor said. “In the entertainment industry, a movie is an amalgamation of sources that produce a product: a film. These supply chains create numerous areas of vulnerability and vigilance is constantly required, whether it’s protecting an asset, intellectual property, or personal information."

Mazor’s defense approach also evolved as he observed the impact that security threats have had on the entertainment industry. Commenting on a high-profile data breach at an entertainment company, Mazor said, “What the breach said to the industry is ‘there is real business risk here.’ It really pivoted the industry and the studios to rethink things, invest in the right models, and enable cultural change.”

Through the lessons learned during his tenure working in highly volatile operating models, and protecting our nation's interests, Mazor brings a comprehensive approach to data protection and cybersecurity that is unique to the entertainment industry. The military-grade security tactics and the national and international security certifications EP maintains, elevate it above the industry standard and puts EP in a class by itself. With the support of the company's senior leadership, including CEO, Mark Goldstein, and Executive Vice President, CTO, Patrick Baca, this security-first approach starts at the top and permeates throughout the organization, creating a solid culture of security compliance. It has never been more important to leverage every precaution to ensure the security of information, and with Mazor in command, EP is ready for battle.

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