Time is ticking! Request our personalized service by Friday, January 20, 2017.

Classic Vista, Global Vista, Smart Accounting, and Vista 5 clients have exclusive access to this time-saving service.


  • EP will print and mail your production’s 1099s.
  • EP will transmit to the IRS on your production’s behalf using EP’s TCC number.
  • EP will be the liaison between the production and the IRS to ensure filing completeness.
  • EP will provide you with access to all 1099 data that was reported on your behalf via our VPO website.


Request our service by emailing your completed Client Authorization Form to 1099@ep.com.


  • Submit your service request to EP by Friday, January 20, 2017.
  • The IRS Deadline for 2016 1099 Printing and FIRE Submission is January 31, 2017.
EP 2016 1099 Processing Fees
$260* Per license with one company record. Includes the first FIRE upload.
$100 Per additional IRS FIRE upload. Fee is per company.
$60 Additional Company Record within each license
$5 Per each 1099 printed within a license
$5 Per each 1099 reprint request
$100** Incomplete Data Fee – Per each license request with an incomplete 1099 setup
$100 Rush Fee – Per each license request received on or after January 20, 2016


* Any license(s) submitted to EP for 1099 processing will be subject to the $260.00 per license fee, regardless if the license does not have any 2016 1099 information.

** EP will process 1099 forms based on the information you provide. We do not audit or verify the data you have submitted. To avoid incomplete data fees, please audit your data prior to submitting your 1099 request to EP. To avoid possible IRS penalties, ensure your database contains the correct company name and Tax ID number.

Part of a larger organization?

Please coordinate your request(s) through your Production Finance Executive or Production Controller to ensure you are consolidating efforts in requesting EP’s 1099 Tax Filing Service.


Contact our 1099 Processing Team at 818.955.6296 or 1099@ep.com. We are ready to help!

Helpful Documents If You Are Filing Yourself

If you are filing yourself, these materials will help! The PDFs, KB articles, and videos below will walk you through the tax reporting processes for SmartAccounting, Vista 5, Global Vista, and Classic Vista.


Vista 5

Global Vista

Classic Vista

Should you have any questions, please contact our Service and Support Team at 818.955.6296 or send your inquiries to 1099@ep.com.