On Friday, January 20, President Trump signed an Executive Order that signals that the ACA should be repealed. It is a broad policy statement directing agencies to consider taking action to minimize the burdens of the ACA. However, the Executive Order does not repeal the ACA and does not affect employers’ obligations under the law. Further action may be taken by Congress or the Administration, but nothing has changed and employers must still comply with the ACA.

What does this mean for my production company?

Status quo for now. The Order mentions neither employers nor the employer shared responsibility (ESR) requirements of the ACA. For now, employers should continue with business as usual, including continuing to offer health insurance and fulfilling the reporting requirements of the law—which remain in effect.

What does this mean for me, as an individual?

Be sure to collect the 1095Bs and 1095Cs that you receive for 2016 for your records. Again, there has been no specific change in the law for now, so individuals are generally still required to maintain health insurance. The prudent approach is to continue to follow the ACA law and watch for further developments.

EP Cares is here for the long term

Regardless of the future of the ACA, or the shape of any future health care law, EP plans to continue offering an affordable, robust health insurance program for non-union production workers in the entertainment industry. A great number of our clients have enthusiastically embraced the concept of offering health insurance to their workers, and we don’t anticipate that changing even if the ACA is eventually repealed or replaced.

For more information, see the entire Executive Order.

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