NEW YORK, NY June 12, 2015 – Florence Mitchell-Brown, Vice President of Payroll Operations NY at Entertainment Partners, has been elected to New York Women in Film and Television’s (NYWIFT) Board of Directors. NWYIFT supports women in leadership positions in the entertainment industry by providing training, professional development, and equity advocacy. Mitchell-Brown looks forward to bringing her strong background in the non-profit arena to her role on the Board.

“We are honored to include Florence Mitchell-Brown among the ranks of our Board of Directors,” shared Alexis Alexanian, President of NYWIFT. “Flo’s expansive knowledge of the film and television business, along with her deep commitment to increasing opportunities for all women in our industry, will be huge assets to our organization. I look forward to working with Flo in the coming years to continue the hard work of creating change in the status of women in film, television, and digital media.”

Mitchell-Brown has gained extensive leadership experience through various Board positions she has held, and is honored to have served others within her personal and professional communities. In addition to NYWIFT’s Board, she serves as an Executive Board and Committee Member of the New York Production Alliance (NYPA). She is currently a member of the Women’s Club of Englewood and the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. (NANBPWC), and serves as a Catechist in the Faith Formation Program at St. Joseph’s Church. “Being elected to the NYWIFT Board of Directors is almost surreal to me,” notes Flo. “It has been an honor for me to grow up in this business with so many powerful women. I’m extremely excited to serve on the Board to continue the efforts of supporting, mentoring, and building up the community of NYWIFT.”

About New York Women in Film and Television:
NYWIFT supports women calling the shots in film, television, and digital media. NYWIFT energizes the careers of women in entertainment by illuminating their achievements, providing training, and professional development, and advocating for equity. The preeminent entertainment industry association for women in New York, NYWIFT brings together nearly 2,000 women and men working both above and below the line. NYWIFT is part of a network of 40 Women in Film chapters worldwide, representing more than 10,000 members. NYWIFT produces over 50 innovative programs and special events annually.

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