BURBANK, CA February 5, 2015 – Entertainment Partners, the entertainment industry’s leading provider of production workforce solutions, announced the launch of a new, state-of-the-art resource for its EP Financial Solutions division: www.epfinancialsolutions.com. The resource center will deliver significant new capabilities for those seeking online or mobile resources for production finance and planning.

EP Financial Solutions is the industry’s largest and most experienced incentives team, drawing on unparalleled expertise in maximizing U.S. and international incentives. They offer services that include tax incentive financing, production and legislative consulting, administration, tax credit placement, and procurement.

“When we introduced the industry’s first online jurisdiction comparison tool for production incentives back in 2009, many producers were just becoming aware of the options available to them in terms of finding the most cost-efficient places to shoot their projects,” notes Entertainment Partners President and CEO Mark Goldstein. “Now everyone knows that researching incentives is an essential step in the planning and budgeting process. We are pleased to roll out a new robust resource that addresses the needs of the production community in 2015 and is free of charge for anyone to use.”

EP Financial Solutions’ resource center offers the most accurate database of production incentive programs and their offerings. New to the industry is the ability to apply search criteria to a comparison of jurisdictions, so rather than scan and compare incentive programs to see which has the most desired attributes, users can apply specific production-defining criteria to their comparisons. If producers only want to compare jurisdictions that offer a post-production credit and have a large water tank for shooting, they simply apply those filters and narrow in on the jurisdiction that meets their needs. “This will save everyone a lot of time,” offers Goldstein, “and really allow production planners to hone in on the most relevant options.”

“To me one of the most exciting features is optimization for smartphone and tablet use,” explains EP Financial Solutions Executive Vice President Joseph Chianese. “This looks and feels exactly like an app so users can access information quickly and easily wherever they may be. Printed guides can become outdated even before they come off the press, and if you forget to bring your guidebook with you it may mean you lose valuable time in the planning process.”

This new resource is just one of several new productivity offerings Entertainment Partners will be rolling out in the year to come.

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