NY City Only – Sick Leave Update:

Effective immediately, the new Notice of Employee Rights for the New York City Earned Sick and Safe Time Act should be distributed to all employees working on New York City projects.

Productions should take these following steps immediately to keep in compliance:

1. Provide Notice of Employee Rights
Each employee should be provided a Notice of Employee Rights. This Notice must be distributed to each new hire who will work in New York City on your projects, as well as to all existing production workers who are currently working in NYC on your projects. A fillable PDF of this Notice is available on our website at https://ep.com/wp-content/uploads/NYC-Sick-and-Safe-Time-Notice.pdf.

2. Keep Track that Notice Was Provided
Be sure to keep records of when and to whom you distributed the Notice – one method to keep track is to have each employee sign the notice on the bottom of page 2 and return a signed copy to you. You should keep a copy of the signed Notices that are returned to you from production workers. If your project is being payrolled by Entertainment Partners, you may also send the employee-signed copies of the Notice to your Paymaster to keep with the start paperwork on your project. If your project is currently using SmartStart, this Notice is also available in SmartStart and production workers can sign the Notice in SmartStart.

3. Compliance Check-in with Your Labor Relations Team or Legal Counsel
This should be done before distributing this notice to your employees. This is the responsibility of the Production Employer and not Entertainment Partners. We continue to provide updates and guidance for our clients.

All New York Productions – Update on New York Paid Family Leave:

Effective May 1, 2018, the Notice to Employee for NYPFL no longer requires a signature. The Notice still must be distributed to all new employees on productions. A new notice is available on our website at https://ep.com/wp-content/uploads/EP-NYPFL_EmployeeNotice_2018-1-31-No-Sig.pdf. We have provided the updated notice for all our SmartStart clients.

EP continues to administer the NYPFL claim process with our insurance carrier, Cigna. You may direct employees who want to file for this leave to benefitsolutions@ep.com. EP will conduct an initial eligibility analysis prior to the employee filing a claim with Cigna. EP may be in contact with you for further information during the claim process.