It has come to our attention that the Motion Picture Industry Pension & Health Plans (MPIPHP) has been sending out billing notices for claimed “late” contributions, including interest and liquidated damages, to some of our clients.

This new process generates notices using various components including work, payroll, and remittance dates. While previously unenforced, MPIPHP claims it has the contractual right to bill for “late” contributions as part of the Trust Agreements and Declarations of Trust. Still, EP’s initial review of some of these notices indicate that remittances were timely, and that the information MPIPHP is using is inaccurate.

EP has requested detailed data from MPIPHP for research and is currently working with MPIPHP for a resolution. We appreciate your patience while we further explore this issue.

In the interim, please forward all notices you receive or any questions you may have to so that we can validate.