Benefit Solution’s Annette Martinez-Novo gave a presentation titled, “Lights, Camera, Analytics!” at Big Data Day L.A. on August 5th at USC’s Marshall School of Business. Annette focused on how EP is using Big Data to solve ACA and other compliance issues for our clients. Because the entertainment industry has no real “human resources” for its production worker employees, complying with the ACA was initially daunting to production companies and studios. She showed how EP partnered with the clients to align and aggregate data from various payroll and insurance providers to solve the entertainment industry’s ACA compliance requirement.

The conference had over 1,500 attendees, primarily technology enthusiasts, with heavy representation from the major studios and conference sponsors Netflix, Disney, and Warner Bros. Annette reinforced EP’s reputation as a thought leader in the industry. Fielding a number of questions post-presentation, she emphasized that EP is on track to meet the goal of providing Big Data and Data Analytics products and services to our clients by 2020. These will include:

• Predictive Analytics: With 40+ years of data in a central repository, EP can provide additional intelligence to assist with smarter decision-making during content creation
• Workforce Analytics: Using industry-wide aggregate data to derive intelligence about the types of resources, jobs and locations used on projects