The information provided below is only a summary of some of the important requirements in the new GDOL child labor regulations. For more information, you are strongly encouraged to visit and review the materials provided by the GDOL at


Starting May 1, 2018, new government regulations in Georgia governing the employment of minors in the motion picture industry will go into effect. The changes may substantially impact a production’s shooting schedule because of new procedural requirements that must be met before minors can be issued a work permit. Some of the important requirements under the new regulations include:

  1. Employing Unit: Production companies must register as an “Employing Unit” before applying for a minor’s work permit. Allow at least two to five business days for the GDOL to process the registration application. To register as an Employing Unit, production companies must use the GDOL’s new online employer portal.

    The production company must pay a one-time fee of $500 to register as an “Employing Unit.”


  3. Location Application: The production company must submit a “Location Application” for each location where the minor(s) is to work. The production company must pay a one-time $50 fee the first time that it submits a Location Application for the production; subsequent Location Applications for the same production do not require additional application fees. A separate Location Application must be submitted for each minor and must include specific details about the minor’s work. The GDOL must inspect and approve the location before a work permit can be issued to the minor. Once the location has been approved by the GDOL, the location’s approval is valid for 60 calendar days. However, if the minor is to work only on an episodic production or at a studio, the production company may apply for a designated location number for that location.
    IMPORTANT: Because of the lead time needed by the GDOL to inspect locations, the production company must submit its Location Applications well ahead of the scheduled shoot date, preferably a week or more. Failure to do so will mean that minors may not be granted work permits in time for the shoot date thereby impacting the production’s schedule. For Central Casting clients, Central Casting will not be able to submit Location Applications for clients.

  5. Child Labor Coordinator: When minors are employed, the production company must hire a “Child Labor Coordinator” who is responsible for the safety of all minors employed at the work location. The Child Labor Coordinator must meet specific requirements to work in that capacity, including an age requirement and clearance from a security background check for certain criminal history.

  7. Representative of the Minor: A custodial parent or a court approved legal guardian – referred to as the “Representative of the Minor” – must accompany the minor at the work location, unless the Employing Unit (the production company) assumes full responsibility in writing for the minor’s health and safety, using a specific agreement form created by the GDOL for this purpose. The Representative of the Minor must also be registered with the GDOL in relation to the minor.

  9. Studio Teacher: The production company must hire a “Studio Teacher” under certain circumstances to provide onsite educational instruction. The Studio Teacher to minor ratio must not be greater than one Studio Teacher per 20 minors. The Studio Teacher must also be cleared in a security background check from certain criminal history.

  11. Minor’s Certification: Minors and their Representative of the Minor must register themselves with the GDOL and apply for a “Minor’s Certification” before a work permit can be granted. Allow at least two business days for the GDOL to process the minor’s application. The minor and the Representative of the Minor must use the GDOL’s new online minors portal.


For questions, you may contact the GDOL at (404) 232-3260. Central Casting clients may also contact Adam Hochfeld, Director of Casting, at Central Casting at (818) 562-2937.