To use Budget Comparison for two or more budgets in Movie Magic Budgeting:

  • Go to File > Budget Comparison.

  • Select the relevant budgets to be compared and click the Add button.

    NOTE: You may compare more than two budgets at the same time. However, it is recommended to compare budgets that have the same account format.

  • Confirm the correct budgets appear in the Budget List. You may remove a budget from the list by selecting that budget and clicking the Remove button.

  • Select the necessary Report Type and View Report By criteria.

Report Type:

    • Variance
      Shows the difference in each account with an additional column showing a percentage of change.
    • Average
      Shows the average amount of each account.
    • Both

View Report By:

    • All Accounts
      Shows all accounts in the current budgets.
    • Topsheet
      Shows only accounts visible on the Topsheet.
    • Account From/To
      Specifies a particular account range.
    • Include Credits
      Compares any applied credits.
  • When ready to run the Budget Comparison, click Ok.

  • The Budget Comparison information will then appear on the screen. The information can be printed or saved to a .pdf file, but cannot be modified.

    NOTE: If the budgets do not share the same account number range, the Budget Comparison they will be listed in order of account number.