If you are filing yourself, here are instructions on how to set up the necessary records for 1099 reporting in Classic Vista.

NOTE: A two-part training video is also available on our BroadcastEP YouTube Channel:

To verify that everything is ready for 1099 reporting:

  • From the Classic Vista Menu, go to Setup > Company.

  • Bring up your company record by pressing F12 or right-clicking. Confirm that all fields have been set up correctly. Verify that there is a valid Federal Tax ID number and Tax Contact. If more than one company record exists, repeat these steps for each company.

Tax ID (1099) Setup

  • From the Classic Vista menu, go to A/P > Tax Cycle > Tax ID Setup .

  • Select the appropriate function: Add, Modify,or Inquire, depending on if the record already exists or if it needs to be set up.
  • Select the Company and Currency for which the production will be reporting 1099s.

    NOTE: If the production has established several company numbers, then the process described here must be repeated for each company through which 1099s will be generated.


Data input into the Federal section of the Tax ID (1099) Setup is required for reporting to the IRS.

  • Tax ID
    Input the company’s assigned Federal Tax ID Number. The production’s corporate tax accounting department should be able to provide this information.
  • Enter the Transmitter Control Code.

    NOTE: If EP is filing 1099s for your company, please call EP Service and Support at 818.955.6300 to obtain EP’s TCC number. If your company is filing their own 1099s, please check with the studio controller for your company’s TCC number.

  • Tax Limit Amount (Boxes 1, 3, 6, and 7)
    The federal Tax Limit Amount for filing 1099s to vendors is $600.00. When typing into this field, input both the dollar amount and the decimal point. Omit any dollar signs and cents. For example, to input the federal Tax Limit Amount of $600.00, input 600.
    • Vista can print a 1099 for each vendor to whom any amount has been paid. To do so, set the Tax Limit Amount to zero in Tax ID (1099) Setup.
  • Contact Name, Phone Number, and Email Address
    Input into these fields the Name, Phone Number, and Email Address of the person at the production or studio (not Entertainment Partners) to whom the production’s vendors should direct questions regarding their 1099s.
  • State of Incorporation
    Input the two-digit abbreviationfor the state in which the production company is incorporated. This information can be verified with the production’s corporate accounting office.
  • State Tax ID
    Input the Tax Identification Number assigned to the production company by the company’s state of incorporation. This information should be verified with the production’s corporate accounting office.
  • EDD Limit Amount
    Input the dollar limit that you will report to the Employment Development Department (EDD) for Independent Contractor Reporting (ICR), currently $600.00 for California.
  • Income to Report to EDD
    For Income to Report to the EDD, the options are 7 for non-employee compensation only (required by the state) or A for all. This would include ALL 1099 earnings.

Tax Report

  • From the Classic Vista menu, go to A/P > Tax Cycle > Tax Report.

  • Select the Report option under Filing Options. This function produces a list of vendors and their taxable income totals.

  • Input the Company, Currency, and Tax Year.
  • Use the Vendor and Tax ID fields to select a single vendor for reporting. Leaving these fields blank will produce a report for all qualifying vendors.
  • Do not enter a Bank Code. This feature is currently unavailable.
  • Select a sorting option in Report Options.

    NOTE: Vendors who are missing or have invalid Tax ID information will always show up first in the Tax Report, regardless of sorting option chosen.

  • Press Enter to run the report.
  • Run your Tax Report. In addition to auditing for proper tax amounts, make sure the Tax Report is error-free. Verify that all taxable vendors have a valid Tax ID Number. Invalid Tax ID Numbers will show up first in the Tax Report and they will have an asterisk under the Tax ID Number column as shown below. If there are any invalid Tax IDs, go to AP > Vendor > Vendor Entry and make the corrections. Upon completion of updating the vendor records, re-run the report and check that there are no more errors.
  • Once the Tax Report is error-free, you are ready to print 1099s.