Before installing a new Windows operating system, ensure your Movie Magic product is ready to be transferred by deactivating it from your old system.

The first step is to copy down your Movie Magic License number.

1. While inside of Movie Magic, navigate to the product menu and click on Help.

2. Go to Licensing.

3. Click on the License Details… option.

Movie Magic will connect to the server and the license information will be displayed.

4. Write down the License Number. This number will be used when installing the product on your new operating system.

5. Click the Close button.

Next you will deactivate your Movie Magic product.

6. Go back to the product menu and click on Help.

7. Go to Licensing.

8. Click on the Deactivate option.

A window will appear saying the application will shut down after the license has been deactivated.

9. Click the Yes button.

10. Click the Close button.

You are now ready to install your new Windows operating system, and then your Movie Magic product using the license number written down in step 4.