To E-file 1099s in Vista 5 (V5):

  • From the Vista 5 Menu, go to Vendors > Tax Cycle > Tax Report.

  • In the Company Information panel, use the drop-down selection arrows to select the Company, Currency, and Tax Form (1099). Enter the year for which you are reporting 1099s in the Tax Year window.

  • Once the Company Information panel has been completed, go to the E-File section of the Tax Report module. Use the arrow drop-down to expand.

  • Once the E-File section has been expanded, you will have the following File Types to select:
    • Original – Original E-File
    • Correction – Correction E-File
    • Replacement – Replacement E-File
    • Test File – Test E-File

    Once the correct File Type is selected, use the Generate File button located on the bottom right-hand corner of the module to create the E-File.

  • Once the Generate File button is selected, a new window will pop up prompting you to select where you would like the file saved on to your computer. Choose a location using the Save In section, then press the Save button.

  • You should have now successfully created your E-File for electronic transmission to the IRS. Please visit for more information about Filing Information Returns Electronically (FIRE).