EP Financial SolutionsJohn Hadity will speak on Creative and Alternative Financing for Production at the PGA East Documentary Committee’s event on Thursday, September 24. Are you tired of the funding merry-go-round at the studios or broadcasters? Do you know there are many other ways to get a pilot, sizzle or independent film made? Apart from the well-known and highly competitive funds, there are tax credits, angel investors, Wall Street financiers and in-kind services and contributions. This expert panel will explore a variety of options and avenues available to finance your next project.

Additional speakers include:

  • Jonathan Gray, Senior Partner at Gray Krauss Stratford Des Rochers, LLP
  • Larry Meistrich, Founder of The Shooting Gallery and Film Movement
  • Jane Applegate, Producer, To Keep the Light, Icarus Stops for Breakfast, The Hanji Box, and Unfinished