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Sick Leave Inquiries – I have a question about my sick pay leave?

Crew & Talent

Please email your questions to

Background Actors

Central Casting has a dedicated phone and email for callers with questions or requests about sick pay; please contact Talent Relations Sick Pay Inquiry line at (818) 729-6450 or by email at

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Sick Leave Inquiries – I need my sick leave balance, where can I get that?

To obtain your sick leave balance please contact your production accountant. They will obtain that information from the show’s paymaster.

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Payroll/Payment Support Inquiries
(e.g. Personal information changes: address, name, ssn, W-4, Earnings history reports, Tax forms reprints & explanation: W-2's, 1099's 592b's etc.)
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Electronic W-2 Registration Inquiries
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Employment Verification Inquiries
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Benefit Solution Inquiries
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Minors Trust Deductions and Inquiries
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Payroll Garnishment and Deduction Inquiries
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MyEP Portal Support
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